Death of an influencer who gave abandoned children on TV shows

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Presenter, preacher, former minister for religious affairs: Aamir Liaquat Hussain passed away at 49. Eighteen-year-old ex-wife: she was worse than the devil

THEthe world will not miss too much from Aamir Liaquat Hussainof its commsexist bodies about independent women, about her convictions against heretical Muslims, about TV shows in which she gave away cars and abandoned children for adoption. Liaquat was a character, as they say in these cases, controversial, abominable and irresistible. Millions of people in Pakistan for years have followed him, loved him, sometimes hated him. He himself, on his site, called himself a true legend. When in 2013 he offered children on TV, he certainly did not do it to attract attention: We already had very high ratings, we took these little ones from the garbage and we gave them to parents who needed them.

Sermons on Islam

One man, one influencercomments the Bbc, which has dominated the public consciousness of Pakistan for twenty years, an icon of entertainment and a symbol of the hypocrisy and divisions of an entire country. died Thursday, not having turned 50 yet. Preacher (the sermons of him on the values ​​of Islam for Geo Tv were the most popular religious show in the history of Pakistani television), politician and parliamentary (he was deputy minister of religious affairs from 2004 to 2007), and then actor, presenter, designer with his clothing line. Unpredictable: Salman Rushdie once declared worthy of death; another was held hostage by a group of students, furious at his criticism of the kamikaze terrorists.

Private life

Liaquat worked, and turned everything into audience gold, meme pearls. Even his private life. He had recently married for the third time, to 18-year-old Dania Shah. Marriage lasted a few months and ended badly in May. Shah had accused the showman of violence and recounted his addiction to drugs: My life with him was hell, worse than the devil. Liaquat had reacted theatrically, as always, with a video in which he had called his marriage a fiasco and branded the accusations of violence as fake news (without the judiciary asking him to account for it). He had also played the part of the offended, for the comments and attacks flocked to social media, threatening to leave the ungrateful Pakistanis after all I did for them.

Death in solitude

He would never leave, because there was nobody outside. Curiously, a public man like him died alone, refusing to open the door to staff members who wanted to help him. He had started feeling sick Wednesday, but he hadn’t wanted to go to the hospital. The next morning, in his Karachi home, his assistants heard him scream in pain. They forced the door to the room. The rush to Aga Khan University Hospital did nothing.

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Death of an influencer who gave abandoned children on TV shows

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