“Destroyed the best Russian tank”: another setback to the Tsar’s forces

Putin’s Russian army continues to lose pieces: after the sensational sinking of the cruiser Moskva, after the flames of the frigate Admiral Makarov, the second most important military ship after the Moskva, the Ukrainians destroyed even the best tank at the disposal of Russian soldiers, the T-90M, destroyed in the eastern part near Kharkiv as reported by the Zelensky Defense Ministry. The news was also confirmed by British intelligence which pointed out how this war is inflicting “heavy losses to some of the most capable units of the Russian army and Moscow will take a long time to replenish its armed forces after the conflict“.

The importance of the T-90M

Kiev officials said he was hit by a Javelin anti-tank missile and that that type of tank had been in Ukrainian territory for less than two weeks, sent by Moscow to lend a hand to the army in the fighting in Donbass. Among other things, London intelligence says that it will now be very difficult for Putin to replace such a vehicle due to Western sanctions that severely limit Russia’s access to key microelectronic components during a conflict. As he writes The messengerit was a Ukrainian reporter who first broke the news, complete with a destroyed tank behind him, on his Facebook page: is Andriy Tsaplienko, showing the smoke from the explosion still rising from the military vehicle. “This village in the Kharkiv region was recently liberated by the Ukrainian military. But this morning the invaders tried to get back into it. As you can see, they did it badly“he said with a smile.

As we read in the specialized newspaper Defense Blogthe last version of the Russian tank is commonly known as “Proryv”: he has a camouflage system called Nakidka that can make him hide on the battlefield even from radar and cameras. The engine is more powerful and has a technological multi-channel sighting system that allows you to use weapons at any time of day or night and, as its main advantage, it can exchange data with other vehicles in real time. The T-90M tank considerably surpasses its predecessor T-90 in its combat efficiency, while retaining the advantages of the previous model such as exceptional reliability and minimal maintenance during its operation. In addition, a powerful 125 mm gun ensures the use of new high-performance ammunition.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian armed forces are increasing the counter-offensive in the eastern region of Kharkiv to try to ease the pressure of the Russian army on that sector. Furthermore, Zelensky’s army has regained control of many settlements north and east of Kharkiv as reported by analysts at the American military think-tank American Institute for War Studies. “This Ukrainian operation is becoming a counter-offensive of success and wider, in contrast to the local counterattacks that Ukrainian forces conducted during the war to seize key territories and thwart Russia’s offensive operations“, underline the analysts.

At this moment, Zelensky’s men seem to have regained a confidence lost in recent weeks due to fatigue and the tenacious opposition of the Russians who have gathered the strength to concentrate above all in Donbass. At this point, with Western aid ever more present and increasing, the final outcome of the conflict could be far from obvious.

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“Destroyed the best Russian tank”: another setback to the Tsar’s forces

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