Drones, reconnaissance, radar: this is how NATO listens and locates Russian units in Ukraine

NATO is playing a decisive role in Ukraine’s resistance to Russia, with a giant fishing net from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Western surveillance planes, including Swedish ones, are throwing it. a device that had been in existence well before the invasion of Ukraine, but has now become massive

a gigantic fishing net, from the Baltic to the Black Sea: the ones throwing it Western surveillance aircraft, including Swedish ones. a device that had been in existence well before the invasion of Ukraine, but has now become massive. It is these sophisticated means that follow the Russians engaged in war operations, the sentinels of the sky: they try to understand in advance what are the moves, the directions, even the orders given by command and officers. The invaders protect themselves, react with jamming, that is, they try to disrupt the activity. Army communications should then be encrypted, however, there were frequent cases of unencrypted dialogue between the soldierswithout due protection.

The broad line-up. Remotely piloted aircraft – that is drones, such as the Global Hawks based in Sigonella – and then the electronic reconnaissance aircraft, equipped with radar sensors and those for listening to the various frequencies. The depth of the apparatus is significant: an Awacs, one of NATO’s flying radars, can see a helicopter 400 kilometers away, therefore well within the borders of Ukraine, while remaining outside the national airspace and thus acting within a legitimate framework.

Putting all this information together you get the picture of the situationbecause with these systems phone calls are listened to and localized, as well as radio communications are picked up and the unit is identifiedexplains al Courier General Vincenzo Camporini, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Defense.

The data is then compared with that contained in the giant libraries of the alliance: each frequency corresponds to a department, and so it is cataloged. The volume of signals can be a chaotic whole from which nothing comes out, because when you have too much risk of being overwhelmed. Today it provides advantages for information technology: there are software that absorb information, process it and then provide the tactical situation on the ground, with what is happening and what is likely to happen.

I’ll give you an example, that of the F-35 fighter, says General Camporini. I remember a conversation I had with the Israeli Air Force Chief of Staff when they had just received the first four F-35 units. “Forget everything you’ve done in the past as a pilot,” he told me. “I give the engine, lift the airplane off the ground, pull in the trolley and before me I have the whole tactical situation of the Middle East in great detailbut only what I need so that I am not confused by this information ”.

This is done on board a jet: it is therefore easy to imagine the performance of the ground-based equipment available to NATO. Let’s say that we know exactly what is happening today in Ukraine, in detail, continues the general. Of course this entails that knowledge is revealed with prudence, to avoid that the adversary can also benefit from it: only what does not endanger the operations of the Ukrainians is said. The whole of this aerial activity then integrated by a fundamental component represented by satellites.

In recent days it has often been hypothesized that the Alliance would support some actions of the Kiev forces: from the attack on Moskva to the possible attempt to eliminate the Russian Chief of Staff, General Valerij Gerasimovin Izyum, perhaps following his electronic tracks. These are obviously suppositions, because none of us have direct information, explains Camporini. It is possible that the arrival of the senior officer was anticipated by a communication from his escort and just as possible that that call has reached, as it were, as far as the West.

Once the target’s movements are known, if I have a sufficiently precise attack system – such as the weapons available in the Western field, unlike the Russian ones which are much less so – I can aim with precision at high-value targets, explains Camporini. In Izyum the Ukrainians would have taken command, killing another general: information, however, is never immediate, it often has to be analyzed before being reported.

According to American rumors, in some cases there a difference of 30-60 minutes in the passage of the blows: then it is inevitable that there may be delays, which help the opponent. As in the case of Gerasimov: the general, according to available information, narrowly escaped enemy fire.

May 3, 2022 (change May 3, 2022 | 19:29)

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Drones, reconnaissance, radar: this is how NATO listens and locates Russian units in Ukraine

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