From Macron to Letizia and Felipe: leader and king in London. Mattarella tonight at Carlo’s reception

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Among those present also Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Albert of Monaco, the king of Jordan, Buthan and Lesotho. On Monday the last farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

London. The new queen consort, Camilla, paid homage to Elizabeth, to that twinkle, that special light in the blue eyes of an extraordinary figure, highlighting the queen’s difficulty in having been a single woman: there were no premier or presidents women when she ascended the throne. She knew how to build her role. For Elizabeth II, who built a masterfully held role for 70 years of reign, kings and queens have arrived in London, heads of state from all over the world. I waited tonight at Buckingham Palace for the first state reception of the era of Charles III.

Kings, queens, emperors. Starting fromemperor of Japan
Naruhito in his debut at a major planetary event after taking over from his father Akihito who in 2019 abdicated (with his wife theempress Masako who had not taken part in global events for twenty years). Also the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella arrived in London early Sunday afternoon and, after being welcomed by King Charles III, will attend a formal pre-funeral reception together with UK political leaders and senior members of the royal family. Also landed in London i Macron spouses: the French president Emmanuel and his wife Brigitte went to Westminster Hall to pay homage to the British sovereign who passed away on Thursday 8 September.

And still king Philip of Belgium and the royals of Holland: the current King William Alexander with his wife of Argentine birth, Maxima: in 2018 they had been guests of Elizabeth II and Prince Charles at Clarence House. But also the former Queen Beatrix of Holland who shared many moments of her long reign in parallel with that of the British sovereign

There will be the queen Margrethe of Denmark with the heir to the throne Frederick and his wife Princess Mary: Margrethe, who this year celebrates 50 years of reign, her Golden Jubilee, has always been very close to Elizabeth. Kate, now Princess of Wales, visited Copenhagen in the spring as a guest of Margrethe and Princess Mary. It cannot be forgotten that Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born Prince of Greece and Denmark.

And then king Carl Gustav of Sweden with Queen Silvia, the commoner entered the court in the 70s thanks to her marriage to the king. And king Harald of Norway with his wife Sonja.

But also the Crown Prince of Morocco, the son of King Mohammed VIand the king of Tonga with that of Lesotho: Prince Harry very attached to the sovereign of Lesotho so much so that he launched the Sentabale charity with him.

There will also be the king of Bhutanon the other hand, very attached to Prince William who visited the Buddhist kingdom in the Eastern Himalayas years ago with Kate.

And king Felipe VI of Spain with Letizia but also the former Queen Sofia with the former King Juan Carlos. This has already sparked protests in Spain over the Juan Carlos scandals. It must be said that Alfonso XIII, ancestor of the former king, married a Windsor.

Among the royals, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henri with his wife Maria Theresa. And there will be the Crown Prince of Liechtestien, Alois.

Among the royals, the funeral will also mark the couple’s return to the global stage Albert II and Charlne
of Monaco (which debuted at a global Gotha event: Victoria of Sweden’s wedding more than 10 years ago). Prince Albert wrote to Charles III, combining his voice with that of the princess: The princess and I wish every success in driving the United Kingdom (…). Albert II and Charles III are linked by ancient knowledge by a great passion for the environmental effort: we both consider them crucial for the future of the planet, concluded the Prince of Monaco.

And still many Middle Eastern royals: representatives from the United Arab EmiratesL Crown Prince of Bahrainto the Crown Prince of Kuwait to the Sultan of Bruneiand the Sultan of Oman with the Emir of Qatar and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia: an invitation that sparked controversy (for the Jamal Khashoggi case).

And of course the King Abdhullah of Jordan. The links with the Windsors and in particular with William and Kate, new princes of Wales with the Jordan of King Abdhullah and of the queen Rania they are particularly firm. The Princess of Wales lived as a child in Jordan following her parents employed by British Airways.

Weddings and funerals, yesterday as today remain the great meeting place that brings together towns and families of Gotha. And this element immediately highlights the complexity of the protocol work of the Royal Household (the operational engine of the Windsors, about 700 employees) which with the Foreign Office is working to better organize this funeral.

A gathering of crowned heads and princes, counts, aristocracy but also a family gathering that will open the door to the Windsor cousins always closer to the sovereign: from Duke of Kent very close in the last season of Elisabetta, and the Kent princesin addition to the Earls of Gloucester.

Even the most uncomfortable royals: Sarah Ferguson also invited ex wife of Prince Andrew. And also the Count Spencer, Charles very controversial with the Queen and the Windsors after the Diana tragedy. But what one of the grandchildren in Queen Elizabeth’s aristocracy.

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From Macron to Letizia and Felipe: leader and king in London. Mattarella tonight at Carlo’s reception

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