Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles dedicates his last farewell to her: the message on his mother’s coffin

The King inserted a note among the flowers above the mother’s coffin, a reminder message for the queen

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Monday 19 September 2022 was a long day for the Royal family and for the new King Charles III, with the celebration of the funeral of the deceased mother and Queen Elizabeth II. The day of farewell ceremonies for Her Majesty, who died on Thursday 8 September at the age of 96, began at 6.30 am in England (7.30 am in Italy) with the closing to the public of the queen’s mortuary, then the funeral procession until Westminster where the first public funeral took place.

In the passage from Westminster Hall to the abbey, however, there are those who have noticed a detail on the coffin, with a card inserted among the flowers which bore the signature of Carlo.

Charles’s last message to the queen

Many have tried to browse and understand more about the note inserted among the flowers on the queen’s coffin, with a writing that had already left no doubts about the author from afar. The handwriting, in fact, was the very recognizable one of the new King Charles III, who, before taking the coffin out of the funeral home, decided to leave a thought for the deceased mother.

Photo source: ANSA

King Charles III and the royal princess Anna

A message from a king, but above all as a son, for Carlo who felt and showed the pain of his mother’s mourning despite his 73 years. With the fountain pen in hand, as already happened in the many documents signed in the last 10 days, the King put pen to paper the thought that everyone, after a while, was able to read.

In loving and devoted memory”Reads the farewell note to the beloved mother queen, which translated means“ with love and devotion ”.

The memory during the funeral

During the funeral it was the archbishop of Canterbury who paid a special memory to the queen: “He kept his promise at the age of 21. People who remain in the service of others rarely receive this love. But those who serve will be loved and remembered, more than those who rely on power and privilege. The mourning we feel is not only that of the royal family, but that of everyone within our kingdom ”.

“She she was full of joy, present for many. Today we pray for his whole family, ”she said. The archbishop then recalled that during the pandemic Elizabeth had told him “We will see each other again”.

During the funeral procession moments of fear were experienced, with a Royal Navy sailor who fell ill.


Photo source: ANSA

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Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles dedicates his last farewell to her: the message on his mother’s coffin

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