Gas, Germany enters the alarm phase of the emergency plan. The minister: “Winter is coming, we need a national effort against Putin” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

There Germany enters, as had been assumed for a few days, in the phase alarm of the gas emergency plan. “Gas is immediately a good in Germany rare“, He announced Robert Habeck, Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection. “We have to reduce its use already in summer“. Summer is “misleading“, He continued,“ but winter comes and we have to fill the deposits. There reduction of supplies gas is an economic attack on us by “the Russian president, Vladimir”Putin. We will defend ourselves but our country is taking a difficult path. Even if we don’t realize it yet: we are in a gas crisis ”. The decision came on the day the European summit opens in Brussels, which will also have to discuss roof to the price of gas to contain the increases caused by the Ukrainian crisis.

Habeck urged the Germans to “accomplish one national effort“To counter and prevent the” will “of Putin. “We are in an economic confrontation with Russia and gas is used as a weapon,” she said. “All the political measures are needed to ensure that there is enough gas.” The alarm is there second of the three phases of the emergency plan. The first, that ofearly warning, it had taken place at the end of March, when the Kremlin had asked for the payment in rubles of gas, and indicates a considerable deterioration in supplies. The second phase, of alarm, foresees an increased demand or problems with supplies, which in any case remain insured. The third, that of the emergency, implies that the supplies are not sufficient to answer the question.

European sources explained Wednesday that an operational decision on the gas price ceiling, requested for months by the Italian government, “will come only between September and October“. According to some member states, with the gas cuts implemented by Moscow, the price cap “could get worse the situation”. Italy’s thesis goes in the opposite direction: the progressive stop to supplies from Moscow nullifies the fear that the Russian could turn off the taps because of the roof. The position of Germany will be crucial for the decision, which remains substantially opposed but more open to confrontation than a few weeks ago.

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Gas, Germany enters the alarm phase of the emergency plan. The minister: “Winter is coming, we need a national effort against Putin” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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