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The government of Boris Johnson. There are about thirty figures of various levels of the British government to be discharged in protest against Johnson’s leadership. A broken executive overwhelmed by scandals and also abandoned by the 90 pieces of the cabinet Tory. Last in chronological order Michael Goveresponsible for the strategic portfolios of the Leveling of Territorial Inequalities and a friend of the current premier in the referendum campaign for Brexit 2016. Gove, who confirmed his support on Tuesday, said he believes Johnson should resign at this point, as reported by the Bbc. A new blow for Boris Johnson, who had already lost the support of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunakholder of economic policy and de facto number two of the team, e Sajid Javid, Minister of Health, former Chancellor and former Head of the Interior. In the last few hours, other deputy ministers and undersecretaries have followed them who have left their posts, heavily contesting BoJo after the last sex scandal related to Chris Pinchera member of the Tories who was accused of having groped two men in a private London club and being promoted as deputy chief whip although other allegations of misconduct had previously been brought against him and Johnson was aware of them.

Resignation continued even during the intervention of Boris Johnson himself at the House of Commons who answered the fiery Question time. The government “will continue” its work, the premier assured. “It is exactly when times are tough and the country faces pressure on the economy and Europe’s biggest war in 80 years that is when a government is expected to continue with your work and don’t leave“,” And that’s what I’m going to do, “Johnson reiterated in the House of Commons. And with regard to the latest scandal, the premier stressed that Chris Pincher lost his job “as soon as I learned of the allegations” of harassment against him. After leaving the courtroom, the prime minister was greeted with an ironic “bye Boris”By the parliamentarians of Westminster. Meanwhile, Johnson, now considered doomed by most against the background of the resignation burst that are investing his government, has once again hinted that he wants to try to resist during a hearing in front of the bipartisan coordination of the committee presidents of the House of Commons . Put on the grill, Johnson has in any case denied the prospect of early political elections: “I don’t think anyone wants them at this time” of global crisis, he said. “I believe instead that we must move forward, serve the voters and address the priorities that are important to them.”

“Now it’s just a question of how it can leave the scene“. That’s what he told the Bbc an important ally of Johnson, stressing that conservative deputies reiterated their loyalty to the premier but added that “the situation is not sustainable”. And they stressed that a struggle for leadership within the party would be disastrous. By the way, the conservative party rules may have already changed tonight to allow for a new vote of no confidence in Johnson. “The country deserves better” writes the Undersecretary of the Treasury, John Glen in his resignation letter. Same tone for the undersecretaries Jo Churchill (to the Environment) e Stuart Andrew (to Construction). “We can and must do better than this” added the Deputy Minister of Justice responsible for British prisons in her letter. Victoria Atkinsunderlining how “values ​​such as integrity, respect and professionalism” have been compromised in the latest scandals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson “will cause lasting damage to the reputation of the Conservative party if he remains in office.” This was stated by former British health minister Sajid Javid, delivering his resignation speech in the House of Commons. He then urged the other Tory colleagues to reflect with heartfelt accents, arguing that the question “is not just personal”but that has to do with “respecting the rule of law” by the Conservative Party and with the need for majority formation “Recover the confidence” of the British people if he wants to win the next elections as well. Previously, two other Conservative MPs, including the former pro Brexit minister and former leading candidate David Davieshad advanced or renewed during Question times explicit calls for Johnson to resign. Invitations, however, rejected by the premier, who addressing Davies in particular, “thanked” him for his frankness.

“How many more ministers have to resign before Johnson picks up his pen and writes his resignation letter?” The leader of the Scottish National Party in Westminster said, Ian Blackford, during Question time in the House of Commons. A controversy obviously ridden by the opposition. “Anyone should have long since stepped down in his position,” the Labor leader said. Keir Starmer. He then attacked the prime minister for promoting “a sexual predator“, Referring to Pincher, and then to the other scandals such as the Partygate. Starmer spoke of Johnson’s “pathetic behavior” as the “ship sinks and the rats flee”, referring to his resignation in the Tory executive and pointing the finger at the “dishonesty” of the entire majority party.

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Great Britain, flurry of resignation in the conservative government but Boris Johnson goes on: “We will continue our work” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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