He falls in love with a Canadian girl on a dating app: she moves to Europe, he kills her with a knife

L’homocide from Ashley Wadsworth19 year old stabbed to death in the chest last February in Great Britain, has its culprit. This is Jack Sepple, the girl’s boyfriend, met on a dating app a few months before her. The first and only suspect admitted his guilt after more than six months. “It was me,” the words pronounced in Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday morning.

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Jack Sepple (23) killed Ashley Wadsworth in a house in Tennyson Road, Chelmsford, Essex on February 1, 2022. The two met on a dating app, as do thousands of guys around the world. . She, a Canadian, had had a six-month visa and moved to Great Britain for him in November 2021. On social media they shared several photos together, before the terrible day.

The admission of guilt arrived on Wednesday 7 September at the Chelmsford Crown Court. When asked directly, the man simply replied: “I plead guilty.” He will now remain in custody until the court ruling. The hearing is set at a date to be decided. However, his fate seems to be sealed. Judge Christopher Morgan told Sepple, “With your guilty plea for murder there is only one sentence that can be handed down and that is life imprisonment.”

What happened

The police rushed after the report of some neighbors, who had reported domestic unrest and found the girl’s body lying in bed and torn by wounds. Despite the intervention of the paramedics, there was nothing to be done. The 23-year-old was immediately arrested as the main suspect in the girl’s murder. Crime admitted only six months later. Tova Wadsworth, great-aunt of the victory, said that Ashley’s trip to Britain was “the trip of a lifetime”. She was due to go home just two days after her death.

Scott Egerton, one of the investigators working on the case, said: “Today Jack Sepple admitted killing Ashley Wadsworth. The evidence against him was so overwhelming that he could not help but admit her guilt. Today’s admission means Ashley’s family will be spared the pain of facing trial. I hope today they can feel some form of comfort knowing that Sepple will face a significant amount of time behind bars for his actions, ”he concluded.

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He falls in love with a Canadian girl on a dating app: she moves to Europe, he kills her with a knife

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