He finds the equivalent of 54 thousand euros, but he can no longer change them. Then the pleasant surprise

She accidentally discovered some jars containing banknotes for the equivalent of over 54 thousand euros. Unfortunately, the discovery took place outside the deadline for exchangebut the story nevertheless ended positively.

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Find the equivalent of 54 thousand euros

The protagonist of this story is a Spanish worker, Antonio Piñeiro, who lives in Valencia. During a business trip, in the province of Lugo, in Galicia, the man made a sensational discovery. Inside a house to be restored, hidden inside some jars of powdered chocolate, he found nine million pesetas (54,091.09 euros at the exchange rate). Unfortunately for him, however, that money (banknotes ranging from 200 to 10 thousand pesetas and issued between 1979 and 1985) can no longer be exchanged for euros: the deadline, set by the Bank of Spain, was mid-2021.

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The pleasant surprise

Finding yourself with the equivalent of over 54 thousand euros and not being able to pocket a considerable amount. This is the great disappointment of Antonio, who in fact found himself with artifacts of moderate historical value, but which certainly does not reach the equivalent in euros of all those pesetas. Fortunately, after a few days, there was a welcome surprise: the news had spread around Spain and a potential buyer decided to contact Antonio. This is the designer Pepe Cruz, who among other things is a son of art: his father, José Maria, was the one who designed those banknotes between the 70s and 80s. Pepe Cruz explained the reason for so much interest in those banknotes: «Obviously they have a certain emotional value, but above all my father had immediately bought the banknotes he had designed, as soon as they were issued. Only then at the beginning of the 90s some banknotes were stolen from us and others, later, were ruined with humidity ». Diario de Pontevedra reports it.

All satisfied

Pepe Cruz, as also reported by El Progreso, he then added: «In our studio we have an archive of my father’s works and I was interested in enriching the collection. Finding pesetas is now practically impossible, also because people have had twenty years to exchange them for euros ». Antonio and Pepe have reached an agreement: the worker will keep a banknote of each denomination for himself, the others will be purchased by the designer with a variable price depending on the value estimated by the collectors and the state of conservation. And if the latter does not buy all the banknotes, Antonio already has a plan B: «he has already contacted an interested collector».

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He finds the equivalent of 54 thousand euros, but he can no longer change them. Then the pleasant surprise

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