Here’s the new US nuclear submarine – what it’s capable of

A newcomer enriches the fleet of submarines of the United States: it is the New Yersey, the largest and most powerful nuclear submarine in existence. The full name is “Virginia New Jersey“(SSN 796), recently launched in the James River, Virginia, at the Newport News Shipbuilding division of the company that built it. It is a monster of magnitude and technology never seen before: the submarine weighs 7,800 tons and has been submerged and moved. from tugs to the dock of the shipyard for final outfitting, testing and crew certification as can be seen in the spectacular video we have attached at the bottom of the piece.

“Ready for the Navy”

Reaching this milestone in construction is a very rewarding event for our shipbuilding team“, he has declared Jason Wardvice president of Virginia-class submarine construction a Newport News. “Our shipbuilders and suppliers have put in years of hard work. We are now looking forward to running our water testing program and working on sea trials so that we can deliver to the Navy“It is clear that, in a war context like the present one, the submarine will be very useful if the Putin conflict requires a further deployment of forces on the Black Sea.

The characteristics of New Jersey

Through the collaboration agreement with General Dynamics Electric Boat, some 10,000 shipbuilders and suppliers from 50 states have participated in the construction of New Jersey since construction began in 2016, now approximately 92% completed. The Virginia-class nuclear-powered quick-attack submarines have been designed for several missions both in the open sea but also in the vicinity of the coasts to replace older submarines. The Virgins possess dozens of new technologies and innovations that increase their firepower, maneuverability and stealth to significantly improve their ability to face the enemy. They can support multiple mission areas and can travel at speeds in excess of 25 knots.

A threat to planes

As he writes The messenger, this submarine is 115 meters long and can deliver 280,000 horsepower power in a single nuclear reactor. Think about it, its autonomy is of 33 years without the need to refuel. How does it attack the opponent? With 12 long-range Tomahawk missiles in addition to “four UGM-84 Harpoon torpedo tubes“. In its entirety, it is able to carry 37 units of ammunition on board that could reach more than double in those of the fifth generation. Not yet operational, the United States would like to implement this sea monster with a particular equipment laser capable of shooting down a plane in four seconds. The contraption would have such power to hit drones, planes but also ships and destroy them with incredible precision.

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Here’s the new US nuclear submarine – what it’s capable of

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