Hostesses forced to undress in a job interview: a Spanish agency investigated

Job interviews in panties and bra

The story was told by the Spanish newspaper “El Diario”, according to which on 5 November many candidates for the job positions offered went to an appointment with the agency’s recruiters. Not only did they ask them to wear panties and bras with the excuse of checking for any “imperfections” of their skin and body, but they also made humiliating comments to the candidates.

Employment Minister: “Intolerable”

“It is an intolerable behavior – commented the minister for Employment, Joaquìn Pérez Rey -, which violates the dignity and fundamental rights of these women”. The minister speaks of “discrimination in access to work” and says that it was a behavior to collect “absolutely irrelevant data for the selection process, which cannot be based on discriminatory elements or sensitive personal data”. He also hypothesizes that “vexatious behaviors” have been put in place.

Humiliating comments from recruiters

According to the testimonies of the women summoned, the recruiters commented on their “figures” with phrases such as “We don’t like your smile” or “You have a roller coaster body”. After an initial “skimming” of the candidates (excluding those with obvious birthmarks, with moles, scars, those with glasses or overweight), the “chosen ones” were made to enter a room where they were “invited” to take off their shirts and pulling up sweaters and skirts in your underwear: this practice is illegal in Spain.

An investigation has been opened

The Spanish Labor Inspectorate has therefore opened an investigation into the matter and is collecting data and information to analyze “the characteristics of the offer and the selection process”. The agency had published the job offer on its Instagram profile asking for some requirements, including “minimum height of 160 centimeters, proportionate weight, good physical shape, willingness to pass a medical examination in Kuwait”.

Discriminatory behaviors

What happened during the selection, according to the inspectorate, “could be subject to very serious sanctions” provided for by Spanish law, which provides for fines of up to 225 thousand euros. And again, it should be noted that “the request for private data that may be discriminatory for access to work is punishable, as well as damaging to the privacy and dignity of workers, as it seems to have happened in the job offer and the process of selection in this case”.

The stories of the candidates

One of the candidates, Marianna, 23, said she felt “like a zoo animal” when she was forced to stay in her panties and bra as a woman X-rayed her and made notes. Another, Bianca, said that “a girl entered that room and came out in tears. When I entered, they asked me to pull up my dress. I pulled it under my knee and they they lifted up to their panties. They just stood there in their underwear and bra.”

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Hostesses forced to undress in a job interview: a Spanish agency investigated

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