In Australia, a student raises her head and discovers a strange animal watching him from the ceiling

It is not always easy to remain attentive at school and there are many forms of distraction, but in Australia there are really very special ones. This is what happened in a classroom at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales: during the lesson a student raised her head and discovered that from an open space in the ceiling there were two eyes that were watching her from the ceiling.

And not just any two eyes: what looks like one of the characters in the film “Gremlins” is actually a tricosuro volpino, a nocturnal marsupial typical of the Australian continent.

When she turned where she thought she felt eyes beneath her, she was surprised! On the ceiling trim was a skunk staring in her direction. Somehow the animal managed to get into the room and was sneaky peeking into the classroom.

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The image shared on Reddit by the professor’s husband drew many comments from other students who said that such encounters are not that rare: the region where the Callaghan campus is located has a natural area that is home to many wild animals, but certainly it is not normal for them to enter the classroom.

“Nobody is afraid because these creatures are friendly”, however, said serenely the student who felt observed. And it is not difficult to imagine given the nose that has the tricosuro volpino.

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In Australia, a student raises her head and discovers a strange animal watching him from the ceiling

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