In Kherson the Buryats fire on Chechens: tensions in the Tsar’s army

Morale in pieces, men who also come from other countries just to lend a hand to Putin’s army but above all mutiny of the Russian soldiers towards the Chechens: this is what some sources in Ukraine reveal about the increasingly complicated situation that does not see a real supremacy of means and men in the Kremlin. Indeed, now there is also the internal problem, soldiers of the same “flag” against each other. Tensions and poor results on the field are also creating this paradoxical situation.

What is going on

Putin gave the title of “Hero of Russia” to Adam Delimkhanov, ally of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov who heads the Chechen branch of Rosgvardia, Russia’s internal military force, the agency reported Nexta. Kadyrov sent his troops to Ukraine, called “Kadyrovtsy”, taking a cue from his surname so strong is his ego. At a certain point, however, the coexistence between Russians and Chechens began to get complicated. As the Messenger, the Chechens do not enjoy a good reputation at all. In fact, they have been accused over and over again of violating human rights. This is why they have earned the nickname of “butchers” like those who ravaged the city of Bucha.

Why the Russians are furious

But what is the exact role of these Chechens placed by Putin in lending a hand to the “official” army? In practice, they have to to check that the Russians do not escape their task as happened during the early stages of the war when a part of the front withdrew autonomously with tired soldiers and without perhaps even coming to seriously injure themselves in order to return home by pretending to have been attacked by Ukrainians. Here, the Chechens must check that all this does not happen, they act in some way as “supervisors” of their Tsar. That’s why, this role of theirs did not go down to any of the Russian soldiers who, after the first hesitation, took matters into their own hands. rebelling to the Chechen oppressors.

“Fire opened against the Chechens”

A former Ukrainian army fighter, Victor Kovalenko, claimed on his Twitter profile that Russian soldiers had even opened fire on the “parallel” army under Kadyrov’s orders. “In the occupied village of Kiselivka, in Kherson province, about 50 Russian soldiers of Buryat nationality opened the fire at night against Kadyrovian Chechen comrades“, he stated on the social network.”There are dead and wounded “, he later wrote. A paradoxical situation: due to the enormous and serious losses suffered at the hands of the Ukrainians, the internal fire is certainly something that does not prove in favor of the Putinians. According to what Kovalenko wrote, the accusations of the Russian soldiers against the Chechens are very heavy. “Instead of fighting alongside them, they threatened to kill them if they withdrew from the battlefield, stole most of the supplies, robbed the locals and ransacked the houses abandoned by the Ukrainians.i “, he concludes.

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In Kherson the Buryats fire on Chechens: tensions in the Tsar’s army

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