In terms of press freedom, Italy loses 17 positions

AGI – The Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are negatively impacting the freedom of information and the fate of journalists, heavily under attack in Russia, China and the entire Asian continent in general. The Reporters Without Borders (RSF) organization has raised the alarm on the occasion of World Press Day, which publishes its 2022 ranking on the ‘state of health’ of information and the exercise of the profession in 180 countries around the world. Overall, the RSF has found a sharp deterioration in press freedom, in particular in almost all of the Asian continent, classified in a “very serious” situation.

Moscow observed special

Within a year, 12 Asian countries have joined this black circle, which has never been so large and which, among others, includes Afghanistan and Belarus. China is in 175th place in the ranking, confirming itself as an increasingly repressive regime, even if North Korea is doing worse, in 180th place. The bad report card in Beijing is motivated by the decision of the power of deprive the population of information from the rest of the world in full pandemic.

Russia, observed special since the invasion of Ukraine last February 24, is in 155th place, down five places compared to 2021with a vote of 38.82 points against 51.29 last year.

All the indicators are red for a very critical situation of freedom of information for years which has been deteriorating further and widening in the context of the war with Kiev. The main reasons for concern and criticism on the part of the RSF concern the massive propaganda of the regime and its repression of dissident voices.

The independent Russian media was forced to close, including the emblematic Novaya Gazeta, director by Dmitry Muratov, Nobel Peace Prize winner. More than 200 independent journalists have had to leave the country to try to make information in exile. For those who have remained at home and try to do their job – including Tatiana Felgengauer in the past at the Moscow Eco – it is absolutely forbidden by the Russian authorities to pronounce the word war, publish independent investigations, communicate human and material balance sheets of the conflict, for avoid being arrested and end up in jail.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden the virtuous ones

The top three places in the RSF rankings were awarded to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Germany goes to 16th place while France gains eight positions, in 26th rank. The United States comes in 42nd position, Italy at 58th (last year it was 41st), Japan at 71st, Algeria at 134th. At the bottom of the Index are Iran, Eritrea and North Korea.

Beyond authoritarian regimes, in his RSF report he expresses concern for one it is increasingly evident in democratic countries, defined as “Fox Newsisation of the media”, a neologism that refers to the US television station. “Media polarization strengthens and fuels divisions within society” denounced the organization, noting that “growing social and political tensions are accelerated by social networks and new media, particularly in France”.

According to RSF, the ever increasing development of opinion media amplifies and trivializes information. “It is a fatal danger for democracies because undermines the foundations of civil harmony and tolerant public debate“said Christophe Deloire, Secretary General of the RSF. The NGO therefore calls for a” New Deal “for journalism and” an adequate legal framework, including a system for the protection of democratic information spaces “.

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In terms of press freedom, Italy loses 17 positions

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