Iran’s help to Putin, special troops in Ukraine to strike Shahed-136 with drones

“A few years ago, when images of advanced missiles and drones were published, they said they were photoshoped. Now they say Iranian drones are dangerous and ask why we sell them to this or that. These feats were accomplished by the Iranian elites, bring honor to our country ». So he expressed himself, come on Twitterthe Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khameneiin reference to the criticisms of the West and Kiev of Iran for the use of Iranian drones by the Russia in the war in Ukraine.

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The position of Iran

Just a few days ago, while Kiev was accusing Tehran by claiming that “Russia and Iran are united in sowing death and terror”, Iran continued to deny it by reiterating that the country “has not sent weapons to any of the parties involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And that “the news according to which Iran supplies drones to Russia have political ambitions and are circulated by Western sources”, as stated by the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, according to the Mehr agency.

Meanwhile, as Mehr reports, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, in a phone call with Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlić-Radman, continues to argue that Iran is “firmly opposed to war” and to the supply of weapons to the warring parties. Hossein Amirabdollahian further added: “We asked the Ukrainian authorities to provide evidence regarding the alleged use of Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine” by Russia. “We have not provided Russia with any Iranian weapons for use in the war against Ukraine,” said Amirabdollahian without denying that Moscow and Tehran have defense cooperation.

The Iranian drones Shahed-136

In the center the Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones (defined suicide bombers because they are destined to explode as soon as they reach their target) with which Russia continues to attack strategic and civilian targets in Ukraine, starting with energy infrastructures. As the Daily Mirror reveals, about fifty specialists from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps sent to the Crimea, in support of Russia, to train Moscow forces in the use of Shahed-136 drones. Despite the denials, Iran has reportedly supplied Russia with a substantial amount of Shahed-136 drones and, as Reuters reveals, will continue to supply Moscow with medium-range drones and missiles.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kherson

According to sources in Kiev, Ukrainian forces recently destroyed a Shahed-136 base in southern Ukraine. The Ukrainian counter-offensive could reach Kherson in the next few days. Regaining control of the city would be an important step for Ukraine. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on Twitter, said that the Russian plan is to “blow up the power plant and the Khakovka dam, flood the area to block the Ukrainian advance and stop the Russian retreat, deport the population to Russia”.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price commented on the imposition of martial law in the Ukrainian regions annexed to Russia, arguing that “President Putin annexed these regions by claiming that there were people in these regions who were so desperately seeking refuge. by the Ukrainian state to want to join Russia. Now Putin is proving the lie by declaring martial law ».

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Zelensky’s message to the citizens of the Russian-occupied regions

After calling the Kremlin’s decision to introduce martial law in the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions “hysterical”, Zelensky warned citizens that “the occupiers will try to recruit men” to join their troops and asking them to “avoid it as much as possible”. The Ukrainian president, in the course of a video message, also added: “If you cannot avoid being recruited, try to lay down your arms at the earliest opportunity and reach the Ukrainian positions”.

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Iran’s help to Putin, special troops in Ukraine to strike Shahed-136 with drones

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