Israel-Palestine, Prime Minister Lapid’s opening to the UN: “Yes to two states for two peoples”

Frozen for some time, the 2-state solution returns evoked precisely by Israel. The premier put it back in the center of the table Yair Lapid before the General Assembly ofUn in New York, in the last remnant of his mandate before the elections on November 1st. A strongly emotional speech – repeatedly marked by the word peaceexcept with regard toIran – whose advances, filtered out in the morning, nevertheless found more criticism than consensus at home, even among the ministers of his own government, such as Aylet Shaked. Benyamin Netanyahu’s reaction lasts: “A speech made up of weakness and defeatism “. But the intervention will certainly be appreciated internationally, starting with the US and moving on to Europe.

“An agreement with the Palestinians, based on 2 States for 2 Peoples, is – said Lapid at his first speech at the UN Headquarters – the Right thing for the safety of Israel, for its economy and for the future of our children ”. The condition, he added after saying that most Israelis, including himself, are in favor of that Solution, is only one: “The future Palestinian state must be Pacific”. “That it does not become – he explained – another basis from which we can threaten well-being and the very existence of Israel. And that Israel has the ability to protect the security of all its citizens at all times ”. An obvious reminder of what happens with Gaza since when Hamas in 2005 he took power in the Strip: Lapid recalled the more than 20 thousand rockets launched on Israel.

Israel, he continued, is ready to remove “from tomorrow morning” every “restriction” onPalestinian enclave and to help its economy. “On one condition: just throw rockets And missiles on our children ”, he specified. After recalling the success of the Agreements of Abraham and the peace pacts with Egypt And Jordan as flywheels for peace, the premier went even further, addressing the other countries of the Arab world, starting with Saudi Arabia And Indonesia: “Come and talk to us – he said – our hand is outstretched”.

If the intervention seemed to some to recall the strength of the former premier’s choices Yitzhak Rabin, now it will be necessary to see the reaction of those directly involved. Waiting for his intervention, Abu Mazen met with the British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who had seen Lapid earlier. And precisely to the Israeli premier, Truss said that London “evaluates” the move of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalemin the wake of the Use. If it happens – analysts believe – the move will have obvious repercussions. However, it seems for now, ‘no one is a prophet at home’. Netanyahu – a historian skeptical of the two-state solution and in the predicate of becoming the next premier – denounced in a video that the opening of Lapid “Harms the future of Israel”. “Lapid – he attacked – brings the Palestinians back to the world stage and puts Israel in the Palestinian pit”. “Lapid – he continued – is giving the Palestinians one Terrorist state in the heart of the country, a state that will threaten us ”. The reactions of the nationalist right And religiouswhich speaks of made shameful to terrorism. The November vote will also express itself on this.

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Israel-Palestine, Prime Minister Lapid’s opening to the UN: “Yes to two states for two peoples”

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