“It just depends on his head …”: the general reads the Tsar’s mind

To unravel this skein many other things will have to happen, or just a couple, who knows: for sure, the war in Ukraine is still far from over. Every day we witness a new military escalation between the two armies, the statements of NATO but above all the “dancing” moods of the Tsar of Russia, Vladimir Putin, whose real intentions still cannot be framed at 100% by dint of declarations, against declarations, intentions and so on. With this in mind, the general Vincenzo Camporiniformer Chief of Defense Staff and Head of Defense and Security of Action, in an interview with Messenger stated that “it all depends on this man’s head and still no one has really managed to understand what his goal is and how far he wants to go“.

“Total war? Who knows”

That the conflict could also extend to Western countries as feared several times by Putin’s loyalists is a threat that could hardly be realized but it is certainly not to be excluded. As well as when the Kremlin spoke of “World War III” or “nuclear war”, all very strong statements aimed, for the most part, at creating fear for NATO. In short, will total war really be possible? “A hypothesis that no one had thought of so far, indeed according to many it seems more likely that May 9 will be the moment in which Putin will proclaim that certain targets that have been on his mind from the beginning and for which the special military operation was planned, have finally been achieved“, underlines Camporini. Ergo, the answer is more no than yes: if it achieves its objectives, it could face a different climate and military escalation would become less and less intense.

“Let’s expect more provocations”

The situation is confused and making a prediction becomes complicated. The invasion of Ukraine also seemed “impossible”, but “instead it happened“, adds the Italian general. Reason for which it is reasonable to expect”other provocations by Putin“absolutely unpredictable due to the complexity of the”head of this man“. As we have just dealt with on Giornale.it, the Russian Chief of Staff, Valery Gerasimov, he was allegedly wounded in the leg following a Ukrainian bombing while he was at the front. Camporini reads this move under a double aspect: “or Gerasimov arrives to claim victory after having set things up well, or to take the lead and explain how to do it also to General Dvornikov who had assumed sole command “. Now, however, this injury changes the cards on the table again for the Russian army as the general has returned to his country according to reports from some sources.

“Modest advantage”

The reorganization of the troops, however, is giving breath to Putin’s army that it is now “potentially much more effective“even if so far it has translated into a”modest territorial advantage. It remains to be seen whether the encirclement of Ukrainian forces in the East will be completed or not. A very important battle is taking place around Izyum, because from the north the Russians are trying to go as far south as Mariupol “, explains the general. What is Zelenky’s army like? At the moment they are giving up a part of the territory but it remains to be seen if it is “of a planned maneuver to lengthen Russian communication lines and therefore make supplies more difficult, also threatened by an activity against bridges and bottlenecks“, he concludes.

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“It just depends on his head …”: the general reads the Tsar’s mind

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