Kaili will see her 22-month-old daughter in jail. “Only now, after 28 days: her goal was to put pressure on her”

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The lawyer: “They wanted to push her to confess, but she knew nothing about that money”

For the first time in 28 days, terribly endless time for a mother, this afternoon Eva Kaili

will be able to stay for three hours with her 22-month-old daughter in Haren prisonwhere the former vice-president of the European Parliament is imprisoned on charges of criminal association, corruption and money laundering in the investigation into alleged “political interventions” organized for a fee by Antonio Panzeri behind the NGO

Fight impunity

on behalf of Morocco and Qatar. To accompany the little one inside will be the grandfather who was arrested and immediately released because he was stopped with a suitcase containing 600 thousand euros in cash. Since then, he and his wife have looked after the little one.

Lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, you said that the greatest suffering your client is experiencing is precisely the fact that she was not allowed to see her daughter. Why hasn’t this been possible until now?

“I got the idea that they probably didn’t allow her to see the child to pressure her to confess, to admit that she had done something. But Ms. Kaili has nothing to confess because she is completely free from any kind of accusation.’

There have been humanitarian organizations that have appealed to the authorities to allow the mother and daughter to be together. Is this the first time you’ve asked to see her?

“No. The requests he made earlier were not accepted by the Belgian authorities due to the reduction of prison staff during the Christmas holiday period.’

Your client has still been in the cell for almost a month. She said she was having a nightmare.

“Fortunately, he will now see his daughter and this will somewhat ease the pain he feels at his unjust detention. Ms. Kaili was deprived of her liberty on charges of corruption, money laundering and participation in a criminal organization. In the hearing that took place on December 22 in Brussels, the investigating judge who is investigating the case, Mr. Michel Claise, said he did not have the evidence to support the corruption charge against Eva Kaili. As a lawyer with 33 years of experience, I wonder how Mr. Claise decided Ms. Kaili must remain in custody in jail when there is no evidence on the core charge which is bribery.”

The hearing in which Brussels judges will review Eva Kaili’s position is scheduled for January 22nd. You had asked for the postponement on December 22nd. What will you say in relation to the accusation that you intervened with your statements in favor of Qatar while discussing the rights of workers who participated in the construction of the stadiums for the football World Cup?

«First of all, between now and January 22 we could also have some developments in this matter. In any case, we will reiterate that Ms. Kaili has never been in the service of Qatar. You followed the political line of the European centrists elaborated by Charles Michel and Ursula Von der Leyen. You have never received a single euro from Qatar ».

The money, however, was in his house. And the prosecution says it was she who called her father to tell him to take them away.

«He explained to the judge that he only learned about the money when his partner Francesco Giorgi was arrested. This sent her into a panic. So she called her father and told him to go to her apartment, take the baby’s suitcase and her bottles. She didn’t know anything about what the suitcase contained because she hadn’t opened it and she had no idea there was cash inside.’

There is still talk of a treasure of 20 million dollars in Panama in two Bladex bank accounts in Kaili’s name and another 8 million in her parents’ accounts. Documents are circulating, even though it is now known that it is a fake. However, the Greek Anti-Money Laundering Authority asked Panama for information.

«It is sad to see that, more than two weeks after the bank’s statement in which it officially said that these are false news and documents, these slanders are still circulating. I was the first to ask the Anti-Money Laundering Authority to check all of the lady’s assets because this will prove that everything was done legally.”

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Kaili will see her 22-month-old daughter in jail. “Only now, after 28 days: her goal was to put pressure on her”

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