King Charles, all crazy for the new guard: Major Johnny Thompson steals the show … and the eye

In a moment of national and solemn mourning for the death of the Queen Elizabeth, has delighted the eyes of women all over the world and not just British subjects. During the various meetings of the new King Charles III, many have noticed a figure who, although always behind the protagonists, was able to steal the show. It is about Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Thompsonwho will be the new royal guard of the new ruler.

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King Charles, all crazy about Johnny Thompson

Johnny Thompson is a major in the Royal Regiment of Scotland and, for many summers, including the latter, has been involved in organizing the receptions and military honors of Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle. Now, however, he has become ‘equerry’ (squire) of the new King Charles, and with the eyes of the world focused on the new sovereign, many have noticed him. Powerful physique, well-defined and symmetrical face, seductive eyes and the inevitable charm of the uniform: within a few days a real fan club of the major was created, and not only in Great Britain. Many subjects commented on social media as follows: “These days are very sad, but seeing Major Thompson has made them a hundred times better.”

Who is Johnny Thompson

Although belonging to the Royal Regiment of Scotland, Major Thompson was born in England, although not far from the northern border, to be precise in Morpeth, Northumberland. With the popularity recently gained, a hunt for older photos has also begun, such as those of 2018, when Queen Elizabeth was received with full honors at Balmoral. Major Thompson is 39, loves rugby and hiking but, to the disappointment of many fans, is married to Caroline, a 44-year-old marketing professional. They have been married since 2010, live in the county of Surrey, not far from London and together have a four-year-old son and two dogs, the black Labradors Odin and Piper.

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King Charles, all crazy for the new guard: Major Johnny Thompson steals the show … and the eye

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