“Kurds? Painful but acceptable price”: question and answer to La7 between Rampini and the activist Marcucci. And he speaks of the “canea of ​​the Putinians against Erdogan” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Long question and answer a “On air” (La7) between Eddi Marcuccipolitical activist who fought against ISIS in Syria alongside the Ypjthe Kurdish female fighters, and the journalist Federico Rampini on the conditions that the Born accepted to have the ok Turkey at the entrance to the Sweden and Finland.
According to Rampini, it is a necessary evil, because Erdogan would hold him back “Migratory tsunami” caused by Putin’s blackmail on wheat and the food crisis: “This is one of the reasons why we must deal with Erdogan. I am perplexed when I see in Italy clearly Putinian newspapers, even if they do not want to say it, that until yesterday they ignored the question of the Kurds and suddenly they are passionate about it in a moving way, just to show that NATO is obscene because there is a dictator inside. We know it – he continues – But political realism requires us to ally ourselves against a weaker devil to take out the biggest, most immediate, ferocious and brutal danger. Self Erdogan is able to unblock the transit of grain to Ukraine then we need him “.

Marcucci replies that giving a hand to Erdogan is not the lesser evil, but an enormous evil. Rampini retorts that China does worse things than Turkey, blurting out with Marcucci making a stunned expression at the journalist’s angry reaction, inviting him to calm down.
Rampini gets excited about the activist’s arguments about human rights, then again launches his usual invective against “the Putinians”: “There is an invisible elephant in the room and nobody wants to talk about it: Chania against Erdogan, who is a horrible character all along, it was born because it said yes to the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. So, everyone who didn’t want Sweden and Finland in NATO found that Erdogan sucks. But he sucked even before. The truth is that the enlargement of NATO to include Sweden and Finland is on the stomach of all Putinians in Italy“.

Marcucci does not fit: “You forget the 35,000 Kurds in Sweden and the 16,000 Kurds in Finland. Forgive me, because you are calling me Putinian. I do not accept that you are reducing those who are concerned about the current situation to Putinians and for the ‘do ut des’ with which Sweden and Finland were brought into NATO ”.
“It is a very painful and very serious price – replies Rampini – but if Erdogan could save millions of lives in North Africa and the Middle East through the unblocking of the grain routes, perhaps in the end that price would prove painful, but acceptable“.
Eddi Marcucci does not reply, but his astonished gaze is worth a thousand words.

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“Kurds? Painful but acceptable price”: question and answer to La7 between Rampini and the activist Marcucci. And he speaks of the “canea of ​​the Putinians against Erdogan” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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