Lavrov, storm for the interview on Rete 4. The reactions: for Letta it is «shameful for Italy». Mediaset: let’s photograph history

The interview with Sergei Lavrov to “Zona Bianca”, a Mediaset program broadcast on Rete 4, has become an international case. The Foreign Minister of Putin it ended up in a new media storm (together with the Italian broadcast), above all due to Zelensky’s approach to Hitler and their connection due to “Jewish origins”. The first to react was Dani Dayan, president of Yad Vashem, the Museum of Memory in Jerusalem, who called the words “false, delusional and dangerous”.

Interview with Lavrov, the reactions

“Lavrov’s anti-Semitic statements, the accusations against the Jews of World War II and the Holocaust are proof that Russia is a successor to Nazi ideology. In trying to rewrite history, Moscow is simply looking for arguments to justify the mass killings. of the Ukrainians “. This was stated in a tweet by the advisor to the Ukrainian president Mykhailo Podolyak. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov failed to hide the deeply rooted anti-Semitism of the Russian elites. His atrocious comments offend Ukrainian President Zelensky, Ukraine, Israel and the Jewish people. More generally, they show that Russia today is full of hatred towards other nations, ”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called the statements of the Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov “serious” and asked that “we immediately stop using the Holocaust of the Jewish people as a tool for political controversy”. “As I have already said in the past – continued Bennett – no war today is the Shoa and is comparable to it”. «The minister’s words are not truth and their objective is not valid. Such lies aim to accuse the Jews themselves of the terrible crimes committed against them in history and thus remove the responsibility from their persecutors, ”he concluded.

Italy-Russia, how the war changed relations from gas to Draghi’s visit to Kiev

Among the Italian politicians to report the words of the secretary of the Democratic Party Letta: «I think what happened on Rete4 yesterday is a disgrace, I think it is a damage to all Rete4, all Mediaset and to the whole of Italy. All of Europe speaks of nothing but a country, which is not a small country but a large European country, which cannot afford to have a large national TV broadcasting an intolerable, unbearable propaganda advert against a country bombed with phrases. ignoble about Hitler and the Jews ».

«It is one thing to criticize, harshly and rightly, the statements of a foreign minister like Lavrov. Another thing is to attack a large and free national television, and with it thousands of journalists and professionals. We do not like censorship and must be fought abroad, least of all it is desirable and desirable in Italy ”, the response of some sources of the League to the Democratic Party.

Mediaset’s response

«The delusional statements of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to the” White Zone “are of particular importance because they clearly confirm Putin’s unwillingness to arrive at a diplomatic solution to the Russian war against Ukraine. And whatever you think, today we know something more about Russia and who governs it ». This was stated by Mauro Crippa, Director General of Mediaset Information, who defines the “absurd parallels on Hitler and the Jews” as “false historians”. «But Lavrov – he continues – is the number two in the Russian Federation. The interview is a document that photographs contemporary history ».

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Lavrov, storm for the interview on Rete 4. The reactions: for Letta it is «shameful for Italy». Mediaset: let’s photograph history

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