Lavrov’s hectic day in Bali, between meetings and embarrassments. And Putin’s man leaves first

from Fabrizio Dragosei

Indonesian President Joko Widodo allegedly forgot to welcome him personally

Perhaps also to demonstrate that he is perfectly healthy, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov he had a hectic day in Indonesia, with meetings and exchanges of accusations on the Ukrainian affair. If on Monday it was a video of his press officer to refute the rumors of a possible hospitalization, yesterday it was the same head of diplomacy in Moscow who appeared almost everywhere. true that Indonesian President Joko Widodo he would have forgotten to greet him personally (the same mistake, however, was made with the Indian premier Modi), but then Lavrov was the protagonist of the day. At least according to Kremlin spokesman Peskov who argued that Russia is represented at a level worthy of our foreign minister. This is to explain the lack of presence in Bali of Vladimir Putin.

So yesterday Sergei Viktorovich spokemet, even listened to Zelensky’s remote intervention and then left on the best occasion, leaving the finance manager to represent the country in the final stages of the G20.

UN Secretary General Guterres, French President Macron, German Chancellor Scholz, the foreign ministers of Turkey and China. Many meetings, even if at least one, the one with the German chancellor, has been scaled down by his interlocutor: Lavrov? He was standing next to me and said a couple of sentences. This was the interview. A little embarrassing, like when a journalist passes off a press conference as an exclusive interview. But it does not matter. The other discussions were very important, at least according to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry himself.

He would have received reassurances from the United Nations on the possibility of getting Russian grain on the markets. Furthermore, Guterres would have told him of the commitment of the United States and Europe not to sanction those involved in the transport of grain. Lavrov left before the approval of the final resolution, perhaps because he was not happy with what he was developing in Bali. According to him, Western countries were trying to politicize the G20 meeting. As for Zelensky and Ukraine, it is clear to Lavrov that the Ukrainian president gave a 20-minute lecture that went beyond all limits and decencies. For Russia, Kiev is blocking any peace initiative (even with a specific law approved by the Rada). Very harsh on the Ukrainian president, perhaps a sign of a certain nervousness in Moscow about the latest events on the ground: He doesn’t listen to any advice from the West. Russia wants to see concrete evidence that the West is interested in “disciplining” Zelensky. Moscow is not giving up on negotiations with Ukraine, but Kiev’s demands are unrealistic.

The diplomat would have found an availability of French President Macron to continue contacts with Putin to help reach an agreement.

November 16, 2022 (change November 16, 2022 | 08:16)

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Lavrov’s hectic day in Bali, between meetings and embarrassments. And Putin’s man leaves first

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