Mazzette in the EU, Kaili sees his daughter again in Brussels prison. Meanwhile, the Eurochamber is preparing the squeeze on lobbies: here’s what it foresees – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Almost a month after his arrest, Eva Kaili he was able to see his 22-month-old daughter again. The little girl was taken to the prison Haren from grandfather Alexandrosat first also involved in the investigation of the federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels: he had been stopped with a suitcase full of cash and then released. That money, second Eva Kailiwas of Antonio Panzeri: it wasn’t the first time that the former PD MEP had left cash in his home. “Maybe because of my immunity,” the former European Parliament vice president told Belgian investigators, as told by the

Greek politics, held since December 10 for the scandal Qatargatetoday she managed to see her daughter again Francesco Giorgi, Panzeri’s former parliamentary assistant, who also ended up at the center of the anti-corruption investigation by the federal prosecutor in Brussels. Kaili’s lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, had asked that mother and daughter could see each other already at Christmas. However, the Belgian authorities had rejected the request, arguing that there were not enough staff. “They wanted to put pressure on him to confess,” argued the Greek lawyer.

The meeting between Kaili and her daughter took place on the eve of a week which, at the MEP’s level, could bring some news. Qatargate will be tackled by the special commission Inge of the Eurochamber, set up precisely with the mandate to deal with foreign interference in the EU. Until now they had been above all Russia And China to end up under the lens of the commission chaired by the socialist Raphaël Glucksmann. On Tuesday, in a meeting between the body’s coordinators (each of whom represents a group in the European Parliament) the possible interference by Qatar and Morocco in the activities of the Eurochamber: interferences that are at the center of the investigation by the investigating judge Michel Claise.

Thursday, however, Roberta Metsola it will effectively kick off the first step of the squeeze on lobbies announced in the wake of the scandal. The president of the Eurochamber will present a first draft of the measure to the EP group leaders. The tracks on which it intends to move are different. It goes from one greater protection for whistleblowers to the access denied to the Eurochamber areas for i unregistered lobbyists to the transparency register. Trips and meetings of MEPs with representatives of third countries must also be strictly announced and documented and one close monitoring will also be fielded for former MEPs who are continuing their careers in Brussels and Strasbourg such as lobbyists. As was the case for Panzeri, who so far appears as the mastermind of the bribe network that has engulfed the EU Parliament. Panzeri, like Giorgi and Niccolo Figà-Talamanca he is awaiting a new hearing in the next few days. On January 22, the Brussels court will review Kaili’s pre-trial detention request. Meanwhile, on January 16, the urgent procedure for the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of two MEPs will beginas requested by the investigators in Brussels: the names will be officially communicated by the president at the opening of the Plenary, but according to sources inside the EU institution they are those of Andrew Cozzolino of the Democratic Party and Marc TarabellaBelgian socialist also enrolled in Article 1.

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Mazzette in the EU, Kaili sees his daughter again in Brussels prison. Meanwhile, the Eurochamber is preparing the squeeze on lobbies: here’s what it foresees – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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