Midterm elections: infinite bare, the House towards

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Head to head in the Senate: the final results of Nevada and Arizona could still take days

PHOENIX (ARIZONA) – The counting proceeds slowly in Arizona and Nevada: it could take days. These two challenges from last Tuesday’s midterm elections remain crucial: they could decide, even before the December 6 ballot in Georgia, which of the two parties will control the Senate. In fact, if the Republicans were to win in both these states (which in the outgoing Senate were in the hands of the Democrats) this would give them a majority of 51 seats out of 100.. If, on the other hand, the Democrats win in both, they would have 50 seats, enough, as in the outgoing Senate, since the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris would tip the balance.

The parties therefore duel for a handful of votes. In Arizona, Democratic Senator Mark Kelly has a 95,000 vote lead over Trumpian “denier” Blake Masters, the distance has increased since yesterday, but recovery is not impossible. Usually the votes that arrive last favor the Republicans (in 2020 Biden won in Arizona but the distance with Trump narrowed at the very end, down to only 11 thousand votes). In fact, Democrats tend to vote well in advance by mail, Republicans on the same day. But this time there is also an extra factor: there are 560,000 cards to count, 290,000 of which postal cards deposited in the appropriate ballot boxes in the last few days (a record, 70% more than the last election), so it is difficult to make predictions.

If the counting in Arizona could last until Monday, in Nevada there is time until tomorrow for the dated envelopes to arrive by last Tuesday. Here, Adam Laxalt, grandson of a former senator and Nevata governor who was Reagan’s best friend, takes the lead, but current Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has made up ground, reaching 15,000 votes away in the last few hours. There may still be 135,000 votes to count (16% of the total): in reality, not even officials know how many there are. The reason is that since this year all in Nevada (1.8 million people) have received ballot papers by post without asking for it. In these two states, the challenges for the chair of governors are also tight, including the one that is very popular between the Trumpian Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs.

In the Chamber, the Republicans have won at least 210 seats: eight are missing for the majority and the favorites remain to win it. There is a lot of anger in the Democratic arena over the loss of four overturned seats right in the New York stronghold. Also a narrow majority would allow Republicans to block Biden’s legislative program and investigate him and his son Hunter. The president claimed credit for the encouraging signs of slowing inflation yesterday (one of the voters’ priorities). Speaking in Washington, he returned to thank the young people who voted in record numbers and Deputy Kamala Harris for touring the country talking about the right to abortion, another crucial issue. The New York Post by Rupert Murdoch, he blames Trump, defined as “toxic”, for the outcome of these elections.

November 10, 2022 (change November 10, 2022 | 23:18)

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Midterm elections: infinite bare, the House towards

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