Moscow to counterattack on party funds: “How much the CIA spends on Italian politicians”

AGI – The Italian parties have not taken money from Russia. This was assured by the president of Copasir, Adolfo Urso, after rumors circulated on Tuesday in the evening about a document that the US 007 on alleged interference by Moscow in the political life of individual countries. And the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, also intervenes on the matter, sarcastically asking when “American intelligence will tell us how much it spends on Italian politicians”.

“At the moment there is no news concerning our country in this dossier “reported Urso, commenting on” Agora ‘”on Rai 3 the revelation of the American secret services according to which Russia has funded foreign political parties, leaders and politicians with over $ 300 million since 2014. “I met with the undersecretary with responsibility for the secret services, Franco Gabrielli”, explained D’Urso in connection from Washington, “at the moment the government has been ruled out that Italy will appear in this dossier”.

Copasir should already meet with Gabrielli on Friday to hear if there is “further news”. “I dutifully confronted the Undersecretary Gabrielli because it is the Government that eventually has news through the official channels that also concern the relations between our intelligence agencies and we have been told that in these dossiers there is no news concerning the Italy. Moreover, today I am in Washington and will have other meetings, among other things, with the president of the Intelligence Commission of the American Senate “.

“I was taken by surprise by the news of this dossier also because we are the controlling body and we had not heard of it”, explained the president of Copasir. “Foreign interference exists”, he stressed, “China and Russia seek to de-legitimize and subdue our democracy but we must guarantee a peaceful electoral campaign. “” We should oppose the game of Russia and China who want to make people believe the vote in your countries doesn’t count for anything, which are able to influence it “, he insisted.

The wrath of von der Leyen

“We must not lose sight of the way foreign autocrats target our own countries. Foreign entities are financing institutions that undermine our values. Their disinformation is spreading from the internet in the classrooms of our universities, “said the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.” We have introduced legislation to control foreign direct investment in our companies for security problems. If we do this for our economy, shouldn’t we do the same for our values? We need to better protect ourselves from malicious interference. This is why we will present a Defense of Democracy package. It will uncover hidden foreign influence and shady funding. We will not allow the Trojan horses of any autocracy to attack our democracies from within, “he added in his State of the Union address.

The reactions of politics

“We ask to know how things stand. Since 2014 there has certainly been a strong influence from Russia” Enrico Letta told Tg1 Mattina, relaunching the hypothesis of funding. “These issues must be at the center of clarity – added the secretary of the Democratic Party – we ask for transparency and information. What is happening is disturbing. We support Ukraine and above all the unity of Eruopa against a Russian attempt that must be rejected “.

“It is important that the names of the parties and politicians who have received Putin funding come made public before and not after the elections of September 25, “writes on Facebook the secretary of Più Europa and Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Benedetto Della Vedova.” Putin has unleashed a war against Ukraine and Europe, with weapons and gas: it is essential that voters know whether behind the well-known political sympathies for the Russian dictator, in particular on the right, there are also direct financial support to political parties or personalities “, he underlines.

“Has Russia paid political parties and politicians in Europe? This is what results from the documentation, to the American security services, all the newspapers of the world are talking about it. The government should be clear”, the deputy dem Emanuele Fiano writes on his Facebook profile “And yes call Copasir immediately Before the vote we want to know the names, amounts and timing of these loans. There can be no opacity, silence, doubts. Italians must know if there are Italian parties that have worked for the interests of other countries, betraying the Constitution and the citizens “.

“One thing is certain: Forza Italia has never received aid of any kind from Russia. The Italian Communist Party was the one who had the coffers filled with rubles to go against the West “writes on Twitter Antonio Tajani, national coordinator of Forza Italia.

For his part, Luigi Di Maio calls for the creation of a commission of inquiry: “I have been saying for weeks that there is a risk of Russian interference in the Italian electoral campaign. Putin has raised our bills by 10 times and is now trying to swallow in the electoral campaign We have no certainty, but this is why I ask the establishment of a commission of inquiry between Italian parties and the Russian world “.

The case

According to Washington, Russia has invested more than $ 300 million since 2014 to influence politicians and government representatives in more than twenty countries, including many in Europe. The information is contained in an internal note sent Monday by the State Department to American embassies and consulates in Europe, South Asia and North Africa.

The message was classified as ‘sensitive’, with important information, but not ‘classified’, therefore not to be kept strictly confidential. And that’s what then happened: the news went around the world in a few hours.

In the cable, signed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, no names of politicians and countries identified by the American 007 are mentioned, but it is said that Washington will directly inform the nations involved. The first names to circulate in the United States are those of Albania, Montenegro, Madagascar and, “potentially”, Ecuador. In the specific case of an unidentified Asian country, the Russian ambassador would have given millions of dollars in cash to a presidential candidate.

The presence of Italian parties in the Russian intelligence document immediately became very controversial. According to some American media, Joe Biden is determined to remove the veil of secrecy from Moscow’s maneuvers to influence other countries politically, but according to others it may be an attempt to insert himself in the electoral events of countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

In some Washington circles the rise of Giorgia Meloni is viewed with concern for his sovereign positions and proximity to the right-wing Hungarian premier Viktor Orbàn, one of the few interlocutors of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leader of the League himself, Matteo Salvini, had not even convinced the administration led by Donald Trump during his official visit as a government representative.

The State Department claims that the flow of money from Moscow entered Europe through political think tanks and into Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central America through state-owned companies. Putin, according to American administration sources, would have spent “huge sums” in “an attempt to manipulate democracies from within”.

And the figure of 300 million would be calculated by default. The money would be much more. In the internal message of the department, however, there are no references to the possibility that Moscow could again interfere in the American elections. The Russian embassy in Washington did not comment.

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Moscow to counterattack on party funds: “How much the CIA spends on Italian politicians”

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