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The US Air Force plane used by the American speaker Nancy Pelosi for her mission to Asia has just landed in Taipei. People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Su-35 fighter jets “are crossing the Taiwan Strait”. It is the alert of the official Chinese media who do not specify their number.

The speaker of the House has come down from the ladder of the Boeing C-40C of the US Air Force just landed at Taipei Songshan Airport welcomed by Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, according to the live streaming wanted by the same ministry. Pelosi is the first speaker to visit the island after Newt Gingrich’s in 1997. Close to the arrival of her plane, the iconic skyscraper of the capital, the Taipei 101, launched the luminous banners: “welcome to Taiwan, thanks speaker Pelosi, Taiwan loves the US”.

Tension is growing around the possible visit of the speaker of the American House of Representatives to Taiwan.

Taiwan has had to strengthen security measures due to a bomb threat at Taoyuan International Airport, while the speaker is expected in Songshan, used for civil and military purposes. The Airport Police Bureau reported that it had assigned a special team to ensure safety in the wake of the threat that three explosive devices were placed at Taoyuan airport.

Neither President Tsai Ing-Wen nor his office have made any statements confirming or denying Pelosi’s visit None of the highest officials in the United States of America have set foot in Taiwan in the past 25 years and Pelosi’s possible visit has provoked a series of belligerent statements by Beijing. The Chinese Armed Forces “will not stand by”, warned the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, assuring that his country “will certainly take decisive and strong countermeasures in defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

Beijing’s counter-moves are already on the way: overnight it suspended the import of food from over 180 Taiwanese companies, a decision that according to Taipei media “will cause a severe blow” to the local food industry, including agriculture and fishing. “Furthermore, after similar reports last night, Chinese warplanes were spotted this morning on the midline of the Taiwan Strait. According to Reuters, warships have also been present in the vicinity of the separation line since yesterday, according to some sources. Chinese planes have repeatedly performed tactical maneuvers “touching” the midline, actions considered provocative.

In Washington, the spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby, stated yesterday that “Pelosi has not yet announced a visit to Taiwan and it is up to you to decide”. “Nothing has changed in US policy” towards Taiwan, “we do not support its independence”, he reiterated. “Pelosi has the right to go to Taiwan”, he added, stressing that China knows that in the United States “there is a separation of powers and the Chamber is an independent branch”. Beijing, the spokesman insisted, “should not create a crisis” on this. “There have been speakers and congressional representatives who have visited Taiwan in the past,” summed up Kirby, who asked Beijing not to “use a visit as a pretext to raise the level of tension.”

The answer came from the Chinese ambassador of the United Nations, Zhang Jun, who underlined how “such a visit is very dangerous, very provocative”. “If such a visit occurs, it will also undermine relations between China and the United States”, according to which Pelosi’s possible visit should not be compared to that of 1997, made by the then speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, because “One initial mistake does not make the next one legitimate”. “We will do everything possible to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” concluded Zhang. For her part, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying reiterated that the visit to Taiwan would be “reckless and provocative”, adding that the responsibility for any possible consequence would lie solely with the US. The US side “will take responsibility and pay the price for undermining China’s sovereignty and interests,” Hua stressed, according to whom China and the US “have maintained contacts at different levels” in the hope that “American officials understand the importance and sensitivity of the problem and how dangerous it can be “

The Taipei Defense Ministry, meanwhile, said its military is “determined, capable and confident” that it can protect the island from China’s growing threats over a possible visit to Pelosi Island. “We are meticulously preparing various plans and troops adequate will be sent to respond in line with the regulations for responding to emergency situations and the threat posed by the enemy “, the dicastery announced in a statement.

And Russia confirmed its support for its Chinese ally, accusing the United States of “destabilization” regarding Pelosi’s possible visit.
“Washington is bringing destabilization to the world. It has not solved a single conflict in the past decades, but it has provoked many,” Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on social media after China warned against it. the visit of the island, which Beijing considers as its own territory.

Meanwhile, the Asian stock exchanges closed down sharply: Shanghai -2.29%, Shenzhen -2.92%, Hong Kong -2.36%.

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Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan: ‘To support its vibrant democracy’ – World

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