NATO-Russia, risk of accident at the border: the Alliance deploys warplanes to intercept Moscow jets

Russia And Born for the moment they are limited to threats, but they do not go further. The risk of a rapid escalation remains high, even if no one dares to cross the boundaries of the “tolerable”. Today the Atlantic alliance issued an official note, to report the high traffic of Russian jets bound for the European borders recorded from April 26 to today. “The NATO fighters have taken off several times in the last four days to track and intercept Russian planes on the Baltic and Black Seas,” it says. Every time a Moscow fighter heads towards the borders, the NATO ones take off, ready to cover the no fly zone imposed on Russia.

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“NATO radars have tracked a series of unidentified planes over the Baltic and Black Seas since April 26 – it says -. In response, NATO Combined Air Operations Centers (CAOCs) in Uedem, Germany and Torrejón, Spain, took off Allied fighter jets in their respective regions to intercept and identify approaching aircraft. Since Tuesday, Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) fighters from Poland, Denmark, France and Spain have been flying into the Baltic Sea region to safeguard Allied airspace. In the Black Sea region, QRA aircraft from Romania and the UK have been launched to investigate unknown tracks on approach to Allied airspace. NATO fighters are on duty 24 hours a day, ready to take off in case of suspicious or unannounced flights near the airspace of our allies, ”the statement concludes.

The Kremlin’s response

Russia, for its part, rejects the accusations to the sender. The Kremlin, quoted by the Tass agency, makes it known that Russian aircraft flights are carried out in strict compliance with international rules for the use of airspace in neutral waters, without violating the borders of other states. Furthermore, “there is no certainty that they are Russian planes.” An answer that does not change the cards on the table. The push and pull of airplanes has been going on for some time and also involves the Italian jets based in Constanta. The two pilots assigned to the mission in Romania monitor the NATO skies, as well as those in Poland, the most under pressure since the beginning of the war.

Russian military aircraft often do not transmit a transponder code indicating their location and altitude, do not present a flight plan or communicate with air traffic controllers, posing a potential risk to civilian airliners. The intercepted Russian aircraft never entered the Alliance’s airspace and the interceptions were carried out safely and routinely ”, explains the NATO communication.


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NATO-Russia, risk of accident at the border: the Alliance deploys warplanes to intercept Moscow jets

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