North Korea proclaims itself “nuclear power”: “We will be able to launch preventive atomic attacks in case of threat” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

“The status of our country as a power endowed with nuclear arsenal it is irreversible “. With these words the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-unannounced the new law with which Pyongyanga few hours before the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Democratic Republiche proclaims himself “Nuclear power”. Not just a formal act, that of Hermit Kingdomgiven that in the new text imposed by the regime the possibility of launch preemptive atomic attacks if any kind of threat to its integrity will be detected.

Thus, the leaders of the government let the North Korea it will no longer negotiate with anyone the possession of its atomic weapons, definitively closing the doors to any form of negotiation table with foreign countries. The new law comes at the height of growing tensions with Seoulaccused of maliciously introducing the Covid on its territory, and with United States. And after an increasingly tight series of ballistic tests since the beginning of the year they have gone hand in hand with the insistent invitation of the South Korea to treat.

Under the law, North Korea will be able to launch a “preemptive” attack with nuclear warheads “automatically” and “immediately, to destroy hostile forces”, with the clarification that “hostile forces” could be targeted as much if they launch a nuclear attack as much as a conventional one “against the leadership of the state and / or the command organization of the nuclear forces” of North Korea.

Kim Jong-un, pointing the finger at the United States as the first country to possess and use atomic bombs in war, said the North Korean arsenal constitutes “a deterrent and a definitive weapon ”, developed“ to eliminate nuclear war and protect the dignity and safety ”of your country. Also because, Kim remarked, the hidden purpose of the US in its efforts to “denuclearise” Korea is the “collapse” of the regime. Sanctions are part of this plan but, according to Kim, only reinforce Pyongyang’s determination to develop its strategic weapons.

Negotiations with Washington for denuclearization remained hanging on 2019, with the meetings between Kim and Donald Trump. It was never made clear what Pyongyang should have given up in exchange for a cancellation or an easing of sanctions. But Kim today closed all hopes of negotiation: “It is absolutely out of the question that we are the first to renounce our nuclear weapons, such as there is no denuclearization and no negotiations on this, ”the leader told the North Korean Parliament.

The Russian president immediately congratulated Kim, Vladimir Putinunder the pretext of the North Korean national holiday, with an open declaration of friendship, while the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterresin a sober tone he asks that we sit down again at a table, because “increasing the role and significance of nuclear weapons is contrary to the decades of efforts of the international community to reduce and eliminate atomic risks”.

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North Korea proclaims itself “nuclear power”: “We will be able to launch preventive atomic attacks in case of threat” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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