Pellet stove, everything you can burn while really saving

Are there materials that we can use in the pellet stove without running the risk of ruining it and that allow us to save money?

Burning pellets (Photo source: cataniablog)


In this period everything related to the heating domestic has doubled if not tripled the cost on the market. We don’t just talk about bills relating to natural gas heating, but also i products to operate fireplaces and stoves.

Both the timber that the pellets have reached considerable figures, and, not always, the families are able to meet these expenses. We are talking about a increase cost equal to 50% more than in previous years, and theincrease it was done, unfortunately, in a long time short.

Some of the materials we can burn in our pellet stove

pellet stoves you can burn everything and save money
Pellets (Photo by samuel-Pixabay)

The pellet stoves have been designed to burn a certain type of fuel, the pellet, in fact. It is a derivative of the wood. It is sometimes produced by waste of its processing, others from trunk entire.

AND’ defined also thickened biofuel and typically has a cylindrical shape ranging from 5 to 30 mm. It is produced by biomass pulverized and, generally, is without additives of pressing. He comes sold in bags, the cost of which, however, in this period it is very high.

Luckily exist cheaper alternatives that we can use to make it work optimal our pellet stove. Of course we have to to consider the fact that the stove is built for work exclusively with pellets, consequently, changing the fuel could damage it.

If, however, we still want burn something that saves us money, we might need change or modify the brazier of the stove. You know for sure that burn certain products, such as the cardboardpaper, wood, and any material that contains even a small trace of plasticcan harm irreversibly our stove.

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One of the combustible which, however, can be used is the wood chips well dried. It’s about flakes of wood very finely chopped and can be burnt quietly in a pellet boiler. It’s possible self-produce the wood chips, but we must have the right accessory, that is the chipper.

Another possibility is given by grinding and drying of almond shells. These we can use them quietly instead of pellets, both in stoves and boilers. Just as we can also use i shells of other dried fruits. I’m deprive of humidity, they have an excellent yield caloric and produce very little ash.

Also corn kernels, once dried, they lend themselves well to being used in pellet stoves. In this case, it is necessary mix it to some other product suitable for burning, because the corn tends to form agglomerates hard, called clinkerin the brazier and could damage it.

The corn is an excellent alternative, is 100% ecological, does not produce fumes and residues ash they are about 4%. His cost it’s really content. Let’s make it clear that yes deals with of the corn that we can find on our tables. In business you can find the one from use as fuel at a cost of 20 euro about a quintal.

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Pellet stove, everything you can burn while really saving

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