Pope Francis: «I don’t have cancer, it’s just a court gossip. Resignation? Not now, maybe one day “

Pope Francis spoke to Reuters, talking about his illness, the rumors of his resignation and upcoming trips: “I’ll go to Canada, then I’d like to go to Moscow and Kiev”

VATICAN CITY – How are you doing? “I am still alive!”. Francesco denies that he has been found a cancer during L’colon operation last year
‘They told me nothing of this! They are gossip of the court …», And also denies the rumors of imminent resignation, in August: “But it never crossed my mind! Not at the momentfor the moment not, really! ».

Pope Francis speaks to the American agency Reuters, not surprisingly: especially in the United States, epicenter of the opposition to Bergogliorumors of illness or resignation recur and spread which, as happened last summer, are promptly denied.

In an interview with correspondent Philip Pulella, among other things, Francesco says that his right knee is improving and after the trip to Canada at the end of July he would like to go to both Moscow and Kiev as soon as possibleif possible already in September.

The Pope also speaks of abortion and reiterates the Church’s condemnation, however on the sentence of the US Supreme Court he says that he respects it but has yet to study its legal aspects.

The rumors of resignation were born for the choice of visit L’Aquila on 28 August and celebrate a mass in front of the Basilica of Collemaggio which it houses the reliquary of Celestino V, the Pope of the “great refusal”. He remembered that Benedict XVI had already done so before his resignation, without however specifying that Ratzinger went to L’Aquila on April 28, 2009, four years before resigning.

The Washington Post had arrived at the titular: “Is Francis close to the end of his pontificate?”. Many quoted, without understanding it, a joke to the bishops during the general assembly of the CEI, at the end of May: “Rather than having an operation, I resign!”, Followed by a laugh.

It is now known that Francesco has so far resisted the doctors’ advice to put himself on a knee replacementand prefers to limit himself to infiltrations. But the Pope, some bishops told Courieralso said more: that “To govern they say you need the head, not the legs”and then as long as the head works it will go on.

Thus Francis, as he has repeatedly explained in the past, repeats to Reuters that one day he may resign if an illness makes it impossible for him to lead the Church: if and when it could happen «we don’t know, we don’t know. Not for the moment, really. But the moment has come, when I will see that I can’t do it, I will and this is the great example of Pope Benedict, it was such a good thing for the Church, he told the popes to stop in time. He is great, Benedict. God will tell“.

As for the knee
talk about a “Small fracture”, of therapy with magnets, lasers and infiltrationsand assures: “I’m fine, I’m slowly improving.”

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine, Francesco says that there had been contacts between the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on a possible trip to Moscow, and which had not received an answer, as he had already explained in the interview with the director of the CourierLuciano Fontana.

But the Vatican insists and is always ready, in case: “I would like to go to Ukraine, and I wanted to go to Moscow first. We exchanged messages about it, because I thought that if the Russian president had given me a small window to serve the cause of peace … And now it is possible that, after my return from Canada, I will be able to go to Ukraine. The first thing is to go to Russia to try to help in some way. I would like to go to both capitals ».

As for the sentence of the Supreme Court of the United States which canceled the constitutional right to abortion, the Pope says he “respects the decision” but “does not have enough information to talk about it from a juridical point of view”. However, he reiterates the condemnation of abortion, comparing it to “hiring a hitman”, in the harsh terms he had already used in the past: “I ask: is it legitimate, is it right, to eliminate a human life to solve a problem?”.

As for the American bishops who deny communion to politicians in favor of abortion laws, such as Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, Francis makes it clear once again that he disagrees: “When the Church loses its pastoral nature, when a bishop loses his pastoral nature, a political problem is created “.

The interview was done on Saturday afternoon, the day he was supposed to leave for Congo and the South Sudan. Francesco did not go for the knee pain and continue treatment: the doctors told him that he would also have to give up the trip to Canada, from 24 to 30 July, if he had not agreed to undergo another 20 days of therapy and rest for the right knee. A choice that caused him “a lot of suffering”, because he wanted to promote peace in the two countries.

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Pope Francis: «I don’t have cancer, it’s just a court gossip. Resignation? Not now, maybe one day ”

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