Poseidon, Russia has tested the “torpedo of the Apocalypse” capable of generating a radioactive tsunami

The Russian Navy has completed the simulation of the launch of the Poseidon torpedo, a weapon capable of generating a tsunami with waves of 500 meters

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It’s called Poseidon and it’s the latest terrifying torpedo that can generate a radioactive tsunami capable of wiping out New York and the whole of the UK. The Russian media thus presented the latest weapon tested by the navy with the Belgorod nuclear submarine. The news was reported by the Tass agency, which quotes a source close to the Defense Ministry.

Belgorod, the only submarine capable of launching the Poseidon torpedo

Basically, according to Russian media reports, the nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod would have successfully completed the test launch of a torpedo of mass equal to the Poseidon.

It would be the last step before the weapon actually enters service into navy availability. The Belgorod submarine is the largest and most modern of those available to Putin’s armed forces, as well as being the only one designed to launch the Poseidon torpedo.

The Poseidon torpedo is capable of causing a tsunami

The weapon was presented in great detail by the Russian media, which spoke of a torpedo capable of generating a tsunami radioactive 500 meters high.

In addition, Poseidon is capable of traveling 10 thousand kilometers in the sea before exploding in the vicinity of the coast. As stated in the note released by Tass, “the Belgorod submarine has completed a series of tests of the Poseidon super torpedo.

The purpose was to verify the functioning of the launch system and they were carried out to clarify the behavior of the submarine at different depths after the ejection of the bomb”.

Russia ready to deploy Poseidon, the Photo source: ANSA

Vladimir Putin, pictured, is ready to deploy the Poseidon torpedo

Why the Poseidon torpedo is so feared by NATO

What worries NATO is not so much the extent of the possible damage that the torpedo could cause. The tsunami effect, in fact, could also be caused by intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This type of weapon, however, is quickly identified by American satellite systemswhich instead cannot intercept a torpedo launched from a submarine, also because Poseidon was designed to travel silently, emitting little heat.

The development of the Poseidon torpedo comes a short distance from the deployment of the Tsirkon hypersonic missiles in the Mediterranean, another show of strength by Putin and Russia against the NATO countries engaged in supporting the resistance of Ukraine.


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Poseidon, Russia has tested the “torpedo of the Apocalypse” capable of generating a radioactive tsunami

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