Putin: “In Ukraine we have not yet started in earnest. The further we go, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Putin: “The West has failed to sow discord in Russia”

The Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that the West has failed the goal of sow discord in the country. “Of course, they didn’t just want to hit the Russian economy hard. Their goal was sow discord and devastate society, demoralize people. But they did their calculations wrong: it didn’t happen and I’m sure it did not gonna happen“Putin said in a meeting with the leadership of Duma deputies, according to reports from the Tass news agency.

Putin: “The further we go, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us”

Those who reject the peace talks “should know that the more we go forward and the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us “. The Russian president said so Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the leaders of the Duma, according to what is reported Interfax. “Does the West want to defeat us in battle? Try it, ”he then added.

Putin: “In Ukraine we haven’t started seriously yet”

“Everyone needs to know that we have not basically started yet nothing serious in Ukraine. At the same time, we don’t even refuse to hold peace talks. But those who refuse must know that the more we go onthe harder it will be for them to negotiate with us”. This was stated by the Russian president Vladimir Putin in a meeting with the leaders of the State Dumaas reported by Interfax.

Turkey in contact with Kiev and Moscow for grain corridors

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu discussed the “war in Ukraine and security a food level”With the Russian counterpart Serghei Lavrov on the sidelines of the summit between the foreign ministers of G20 in Bali in Indonesia. Cavusoglu himself announced it on Twitter. In the morning, the Turkish foreign minister had had one telephone conversation with the Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba regarding the works for the opening of corridors for exporting the grain from the ports of Ukraine, he reports it Hurriyet.

Mariupol, inhabitants without water and medicines

“For about a month, the inhabitants from Mariupol they do not receive any humanitarian aid. lacks the water, municipal services have not been restored “. the municipal council of Mariupol communicates this on its social channels. “The medicines essentialeven those for pressure – the Mariupol Rada adds – and the water that is supplied to citizens can only be used for to wash but it is not drinkable “. Other essential services are also absent. “There is no current – writes the City Council – and the food it is cooked on the fire out”.

Finland strengthens border barriers with Russia

The Finnish Parliament approved one today law which allows you to build stronger fences on the border with Russia. Fearing that Moscow may use the migrants to exert political pressure, new amendments to the border guard law facilitate the construction of stronger fences on the Nordic country’s eastern border with Russia, along 1,300 kilometers. The objective of the law is to “improve the operational capacity of the border guard in responding to hybrid threats“, he has declared Anne Ihanus, senior advisor to the Ministry of the Interior. “The war in Ukraine contributed urgency of the issue, ”he added.

“One dead and 6 injured in Kramatorsk”

“Due to the Russian attack on Kramatorsk there are a dead and 6 injured. 6 buildings including a skyscraper were damaged. The data is being updated. I ask all residents of evacuate the city”. She wrote it on Telegram Pavlo Kyrylenkogovernor of the Donetsk region.

Kherson, “the Russians burn the bodies of the victims”

“TO Kherson the Russians burn the bodies to hide the number of those killed. On the outskirts of the city, places with the burnt remains of people difficult to identify have been seen several times. The bodies are brought with the vans from the local prison. And the Russians claim that the burned bodies are the consequence of fires or artillery attacks. Explosions followed by fires were heard in these places, but the firefighters were forbidden to enter to extinguish them ”. She wrote it up Telegram the General Department of Ukrainian Intelligence.

Kramatorsk: “Air strike in the center”

“There was a air attack on the city center, there are victims. Rescuers are working on the spot “. This was communicated by the Kramatorsk Rada channel, quoting the words of the mayor of Kramatorsk, Oleksandr Honckarenko.

Mariupol, “Ukrainian civilians forced to mine: 8 blown up”

Eight civilians Ukrainians employed by Russian units to evacuate the rubble of a bombed metallurgical plant a Mariupol they were blown up by the explosion of one mine. “The occupiers are using local civilians as specialists in disposal of the ordnance explosives“, The advisor to the mayor in exile wrote on social media Petro Andriushchenko. The reports on Kiyv Independent.

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Putin: “In Ukraine we have not yet started in earnest. The further we go, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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