Putin operated? That’s who the general is who can take the lead

Mouths sewn inside the Kremlin on the hypothesis formulated by an internal source that al Daily Mail he told that Vladimir Putin could be operated to remove a cancer a few days after the date of May 9th. We also dealt with it at Giornale.it, reporting the discussion of the popular Telegram chat “General SVR” where, in addition to the details on the Tsar’s ailments and that this hypothetical operation would actually have already been agreed for some time, there was much talk of figure of the Russian general Nikolai Patrushevthe one who could take the reins of the situation for a few days allowing a full recovery of the Russian president.

Who is Patrushev

Nikolai Patrushev is the current secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and one of Putin’s few, true, close advisors. 70 years old, he is so influential that in addition to reporting directly to the president, he provides guidance on military and security matters within Russia. In fact, the greatest influence on war and various other matters is that of Patrushev, considered one of his own loyal ally. As the NyPost, in his career he was a Russian intelligence agent first with the Soviet KGB and then with the Russian FSB. In 2017, the newspaper Politic I called Patrushev a “hawk of the Kremlin“known for its”Fiery nationalism, conspiratorial worldview and extensive espionage experience“.

The accusation against the West

The general would have joined the KGB as a young man, in 1974. After meeting Putin in the 1990s, Patrushev was appointed head of the Russian internal intelligence service in the FSB, a position he held for about a decade. He joined Putin’s Security Council in 2008. According to sources in the British newspaper, the former spy was among Putin’s advisers during the 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia, and is certainly not a surprised that he is a relentless supporter of the invasion of Ukraine by his superior. Last week, in one of the very few interviews released to the state newspaper Rossiyskaya GazetaPatrushev accused America and Europe of supporting neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine and of trying to insinuate the conflict “until the last Ukrainian“. The general has pushed forward the Kremlin’s propaganda that Ukrainians and Russians are one people.”divided only at the behest of Western powers “.

“Ukraine disintegrated”

Patrushev also added that the war will lead to the dismemberment of the present Ukraine as we know it. “The result of Western politics and the Kiev regime can only be the disintegration of Ukraine into several states“, he affirmed. Not only that: in his delirium of omnipotence to the Russian propaganda newspaper, he said that United States they are doing everything because the other centers of the multipolar world “do not even dare to raise their heads, and our country not only dares, but publicly declares that it will not play according to the imposed rules“.

The final “icing” is from a consummate film actor: the Russian journalist who asked him to talk about the concept of denazification of Ukraine, Patrushev explained that Russia’s goal “it is to destroy the foothold of neo-Nazism created by the efforts of the West on our borders“and that the need for demilitarization”it is due to the fact that Ukraine, saturated with weapons, represents one threat for Russia, including from the point of view of the development and use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons“.

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Putin operated? That’s who the general is who can take the lead

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