Queen Elizabeth, why are the crown and scepter screwed to the coffin? The precedent which was a bad omen

There Queen Elizabeth she was buried next to her “rock”, the beloved Prince Philip. And when King Charles scattered the earth on his coffin yesterday at 7.30pm, the royals released a tribute on the official Royal Family profile titled “In loving memory of Her Majesty the Queen,” sharing two never-before-seen images of the late monarch who walked across the moors in her beloved Scotland and a smiling photo of her with her parents, sister and husband at Buckingham Palace. Finally reunited.

The poignant post published via the royal family’s social media accounts also recalled King Charles III’s first address to the nation as monarch in which he cited Shakespeare’s immortal play Hamlet – “May the flights of angels sing you to your rest.”

The bond with the mother and the sister

Queen Elizabeth II today lies in peace for eternity in the royal crypt under St George’s Chapel with her husband, father, mother and sister. She is the twelfth British monarch to be buried in Windsor and has chosen to stay with her family following the “Four of us” principle pursued by her father George VI. She repeatedly told her daughter of hers that after her brother’s abdication, a happy and united royal family was the most important thing in life after the duties of a monarch.

The queen’s crown, orb and scepter were removed from her coffin so that she could descend to her grave under St George’s Chapel Windsor “like a simple Christian soul”. She was buried with the Queen’s Company Camp Color of the Grenadier Guards, placed on her coffin by her son.

The private ceremony

The details of last night’s private ceremony were even kept secret from most of the royal attendants. It is not known if it was just his king and brothers or if he included nephews such as Prince William and Prince Harry. Her son decreed on 9 September, the day after the queen’s death following her 70-year reign, that a period of mourning would be observed up to seven days after the funeral, which would conclude the following Tuesday. It means that the royals won’t make any official commitments until then with Harry and Meghan that they should fly to the US as soon as possible to reunite with their children.

The crown screwed to the coffin

Her Majesty was carried by eight soldiers from the 1st Grenadier Guards Battalion who lifted and laid down the Queen’s 500-pound lead-lined coffin no less than 10 times during its journey from Westminster Hall to St George’s Chapel in Windsor, where lies peacefully today.

It is revealed that Her Majesty’s imperial state crown, orb and scepter balanced on the queen’s coffin have been screwed to prevent a previous historical incident. In 1936 George V’s jeweled Maltese cross – which contains some of the crown’s greatest jewels – fell into the eaves as he rested on the coffin during the royal funeral procession. It was said to be a bad omen, especially after his son, Edward VIII, abdicated, causing a constitutional crisis, shortly thereafter, and was replaced by Queen Elizabeth II’s father, George VI. So in light of this terrifying moment, the Times said, he was fastened with all the other jewels to the queen’s coffin as she lay in state and during her funeral so as not to repeat the unfortunate incident.

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Queen Elizabeth, why are the crown and scepter screwed to the coffin? The precedent which was a bad omen

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