Raids and bombs. And now the Tsar accuses Poland: “A threat”

The weapons speak in Ukraineeven if in the last hours the most important news have arrived on the diplomatic front. Yesterday, in fact, registered the first glimmers of compromise on the Crimea. In particular, the Ukrainian president Zelensky announced the possibility of peace agreements even without the Ukrainian recovery of the peninsula, on the condition of a withdraw of Moscow troops in positions prior to February 24, the day the war began. A few hours later, however, news of the new US military aid package arrived from Washington.

President Joe Biden in the night he explained the plan in detail. They will be provided weapons in favor of Kiev for a total of 150 million Dollars, which will therefore be added to the 3.4 billion Dollars already allocated since the beginning of the conflict. On May 9, however, on the day that Russia celebrates the victory of the Second World War, Biden will sign theUkraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act. An act with which the president himself will be able to speed up the process for sending weapons.

From Moscow, on the other hand, in the last few hours, the finger has again been pointed at Poland. In fact, yesterday afternoon the Kremlin defined Warsaw as a “danger to the territorial integrity of Ukraine”. In the last few hours, other statements of this kind have arrived from the Russian capital, indicating Poland as a “country hostile“and the anti-Russian rhetoric that could lead to consequences. The Polish government for its part has accused Russia of wanting to launch a smear campaign against Warsaw and create mistrust between Poles and Ukrainians.

It is fought in the Donbass

In the meantime, however, especially in the Donbass shooting continued. The eyes in the night were set on Severodonetsk, the last city of the Lugansk oblast in the hands of the Ukrainians. The urban center is almost entirely surrounded. The mayor stressed this yesterday, it was also confirmed overnight by military sources.

There is a fear that Severodonetsk will turn into a new Mariupol. Because even here between separatists and Ukrainians in 2014 the battle was heavy and this city too has since been claimed by pro-Russians. Entering this area for Moscow would have a very important significance.

The Russians are advancing mainly from the east, taking advantage of the positioning of the troops penetrated at the beginning of the war from the border regions with Belgorod. Just as part of the Moscow forces managed to descend from the north from the Kharkiv oblast area. The real strategic and nerve center of the Donbass is proving to be that of Izyum.

In the past few hours, new clashes have occurred in this locality halfway between Kharkiv and Donbass, from where the Russians hope to be able to give the final assault on both Severodonetsk and Slovjansk and Kramatorsk, two other cities claimed by the separatists. Here, just before midnight, the air warning sirens went off and in the following hours new raids were reported.

The situation in Mariupol

The situation in the area continues to be confused Azovstal by Mariupol. Officially, a new ceasefire should also be triggered this morning to facilitate the evacuation of civilians, but fighting and raids on the structure have been reported throughout the day yesterday and even in the last few hours.

However, only on Friday at least 50 civilians managed to leave the steel mill thanks to a humanitarian corridor managed mainly by the UN and the Red Cross. However, the parties continue to blame each other for the periodic interruptions of the truces that have not yet allowed the total evacuations of the civilians present, perhaps 150 or 200.

Raid on Odessa and Mykolaiv

New bombings have been reported in the region of Odessa. On Friday afternoon, several missiles were reported to have been launched directly from Crimea. Perhaps, it is the suspicion of some analysts, in response to the raid on the Makariv flagshipwhich would have been hit by the forces of Kiev while it was not far from the coast of Odessa.

A circumstance not confirmed by the Russians, as well as by the Pentagon. The city overlooking the Black Sea has however undergone new raids and during the night the anti-aircraft alert was triggered several times. The same scenario seen in Mykolaiv, a city between Odessa and Kherson for weeks now in Moscow’s sights.

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Raids and bombs. And now the Tsar accuses Poland: “A threat”

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