Russia – North Korea, evidence of alliance? Putin buys weapons from Kim: army in difficulty after sanctions

The revelation comes from the United States secret services, buying and selling between the dictator and the autocrat of the Kremlin for the missiles

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The sanctionstriggered after the aggression of Ukraine and deployed by NATO countries, would be cornering Russia by Vladimir Putin.

This was supported by a report by the American secret services.

Putin buys weapons from North Korea, the American 007 report

In the reportobtained by the Associated Press, hints at “millions of missiles And ammunition”That Moscow would be buying from Korea of the North from Kim Jong Un.

A war scene from Ukraine.

The move would become necessary after the sanctions of Western countries have undermined the supply chain ofarmy by Vladimir Putin engaged in Ukraine.

The 007 of the States Unitedwho have had the merit of having largely foreseen and anticipated the attack against Kiev by the autocrat of Kremlin.

Russia buys missiles from Kim Jong Un, information captured by US agents

The information captured by agents of the American secret service can be compared to what was revealed by the American news site Politico, according to which the countermeasures taken in response to the war in Ukraine have actually created problems toarmy from Fly.

In particular, the sanctions would have succeeded in to interrupt there manufacture of Russian weapons. However, the effect of the Western economic response to Putin’s military aggression has been muted when viewed from other points of view.

L’increase of the cost of gas and the crisis energy in fact, they benefited Russia, which, for Europe, was an important supplier of the precious raw material.

The Kremlin army in trouble after the sanctions, the US secret services say

According to the Associated Press on the field in Ukraine the Russian army would use less missiles. There would also be a decrease in mortars and other pieces of normal artillery lined up on the field.

Hence the choice to contact theallythe dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un, who therefore compensated, with his own missiles, for the difficulty of the industries Russians in supporting a war economy.

A recent reportage of the New York Times also highlighted how, a Flythe war is actually a distant echo. Excluding a few shops closed in shopping centers, the population said they did not warn them effects of the sanctions.

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Photo source: ANSA

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Russia – North Korea, evidence of alliance? Putin buys weapons from Kim: army in difficulty after sanctions

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