Russia one step away from war with Europe: violation of a reconnaissance plane in the skies of Sweden

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The situation between Russia and the West is getting more and more heated, with the risk that the war being fought in Ukraine will widen. The Swedish defense ministry has denounced that a Russian reconnaissance plane has violated Stockholm’s airspace, a situation that had already occurred at the beginning of the conflict and which could further accelerate the Scandinavian country’s accession to NATO.

Until the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was hardly any talk of joining the Atlantic Alliance in Sweden and Finland. But Vladimir Putin’s move changed the scenario. Both countries have revised their security policies and quickly tried to join NATO. The issue has become central: Swedes and Finns, in recent polls, have expressed their opinion in favor of entry by a large majority. In addition, the two countries have begun to play an active role in the Ukrainian crisis, to the point that Sweden has sent ten thousand portable rocket launchers to Kiev.

The invasion therefore ended up compacting NATO and accelerating the enlargement of the Western defensive alliance. If Sweden and Finland join it, they will bring new military potential, starting with ultra-modern submarines and aircraft, which will increase the level of security in northern Europe. Univocal decision but taken by two countries with a different history. If Finland repelled the Soviet invasion during the first winter of World War II, only to find itself alongside Hitler until he decided to free himself, Sweden immediately chose neutrality, facilitated by the fact that Hitler did not consider it objective. in his personal Risiko. After the end of the war, Sweden tried unsuccessfully to form a Nordic defense pact with Denmark and Norway, but that failed because the Norwegians felt it was safer to forge an alliance with the United Kingdom. The moves of Russia, starting in 2008 with the invasion of Georgia, have begun to gradually push Sweden and Finland into NATO, with a process of rapprochement that accelerated in 2014, with the invasion of Crimea. . The attack launched on February 24 was the final step. And now the new concern.

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Russia one step away from war with Europe: violation of a reconnaissance plane in the skies of Sweden

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