Russia-Ukraine war, Wagner group website hacked. Kiev: “We have the data of the mercenaries, inevitable revenge”. Another torture chamber found in Izyum

It is the 209th day since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian missiles graze the Mykolaiv nuclear power plant, the explosions occurred just 300 meters from the reactors, as stated by the Ukrainian state company Energoatom. New attacks launched near Zaporizhzhia, where it is located the site of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. President Zelensky warned: “Russia endangers the whole world.”
Moscow rejects the accusations of the torture of Russian soldiers in Izyum calling the evidence “lies”. But just in the last few hours another torture chamber was found in the same city of Kharkiv oblast: in the police station, investigators found a register with a list of detainees and instruments of torture, including electric cables.
Meanwhile, the cyber army of Ukraine has hacked the website of the Russian private military company Wagner: «We have obtained all the personal data of the mercenaries, every executioner, murderer and rapist will face severe punishment. Revenge is inevitable, ”said Kiev Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.
After the words of Viktor Orban in his dispute with the European Union over the cut of funds in Budapest (7.5 billion euros), for a series of violations of the rule of law, the shore comes from the Kremlin: «Hungary maintains a sovereign position on many issues, which we welcome. We continue to monitor the situation closely, ”commented the government spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. And on Crimea, Moscow threatens: “It is an indivisible part of Russia and any claim on Russian territories will receive an adequate response.”
On the economic front, bread in Europe has never been so expensive, growing by 18% in August. At the base of the rise, Eurostat still notes, above all the consequences of the war. The global food crisis exacerbated by the conflict is at the center of discussions by world leaders at the 77th UN General Assembly taking place in New York.
Mario Draghi, in his speech at the Appeal of Conscience Foundation gala, where he was awarded “Statesman of the Year”, reiterated his support for Ukraine and appealed to Russia to return to the spirit that led to the birth of the United Nations. «Russia has invaded Ukraine. How to deal with autocracies? How we respond will define our future. Respect for human rights and the law. They exploit our uncertainties, we must get out of ambiguity in order not to have regrets, and cooperate ».

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07.40 – Erdogan does not lose “hope when I meet Putin-Zelensky”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in New York for the UN General Assembly, said he does not lose hope of organizing a meeting between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky. He said it in an interview with the US broadcaster Pbs. «Turkey, as a country that follows balanced policies, is in favor of listening to both sides. That is why we have an insistent desire to make these leaders speak. We have not yet succeeded, but I do not lose hope ». Erdogan also said he was confident that Putin is working to put an end to the crisis in Ukraine as soon as possible, but for this Kiev “must be on the same wave” with Moscow.

07.20 – Kiev army shoots down Russian barge and jet plane
Military operations in Ukraine continue. Ukrainian forces sank a Russian military barge on the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast. Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command reported that the military sank a Russian barge loaded with military personnel, equipment and weapons as it attempted to cross the Dnipro River near Nova Kakhovka and Kozatske. This was reported by the Kiev Independent. The Ukrainian aviation instead reported on Telegram that anti-aircraft defenses destroyed a Russian Su-25 jet plane, a Kh-59 Ovod air-to-surface guided missile cruiser and five unmanned aircraft. Ukrainian fighter, assault planes and bombers continue to attack Russian military positions with various types of weapons. For their part, Russian forces opened fire four times in the Chernihiv Oblast and North Sumy Oblast territories at around 10pm local time. This was reported on Facebook by the operational command of the north of Ukraine. According to the command, Russian forces located across the border in the Russian city of Lomakovka most likely fired artillery at the Semenivka community in Chernihiv oblast, where 12 explosions were reported. Russian troops also bombed the Koryukivskyi district of Chernihiv oblast. North Sumy Oblast was bombed from Russian territory, where 33 explosions were reported. Information on casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure is not yet available.

07.16 – Intelligence Gb: Russian submarines moved from Crimea to South Russia
The Russian command of the Black Fleet “has almost certainly moved its Kilo-class submarines from the base in Sevastopol in the Crimea to Novorossiyk in southern Russia.” This was revealed by British intelligence in the usual update of the war in Ukraine. A choice – reads the report on Twitter – almost certainly dictated by geostrategic fears, considering that Ukraine’s “threat level” and “long-range attack capacity” have increased. “In the past two months, the fleet headquarters and its main airport have been attacked. Securing the Black Sea Fleet base in the Crimea was probably one of the reasons that prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to annex the peninsula in 2014: the security of the base has now been directly undermined ». The Kilo, nicknamed Black Hole by the US Navy, are extremely quiet: driven by very low-noise diesel-electric engines, they can hit targets at long distances without being detected by enemy sensors.

04.12 – Dragons: Zelensky’s heroism reminds us of what we believe in
“The heroism of Ukraine, of President Zelensky and his people, remind us in a powerful way what we believe in, what we risk losing”. It is a passage from the speech delivered by Mario Draghi in the gala evening in New York of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. “Only Ukraine can decide which peace is acceptable, but we must do everything we can to facilitate an agreement when it finally becomes possible,” said the premier.

04.04 – Draghi: the war in Russia risks opening a new era of polarization. “Future depends on how we deal with autocracies”
“The Russian invasion of Ukraine risks ushering in a new era of polarization, an era we have not seen since the end of the Cold War. The question of how we deal with autocracies will define our ability to shape the common future for many years to come “: said Prime Minister Mario Draghi, receiving the award at the Pierre Hotel in New York. World Statesman.
00.45 – Zelensky: in Kharkiv we hold positions firmly
In the Kharkiv region, the scene of the recent Ukrainian counter-offensive, the forces of Kiev are “stabilizing the situation and holding positions firmly. With such firmness that the occupants are tangibly panicked ». This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his evening video message. «We are now confident that the occupiers will not keep any foot on Ukrainian soil», added Zelensky, «the pace is very important now. The pace of stabilization in the liberated areas. The rhythm of the movement of our troops. The rhythm of the restoration of normal life in the liberated territories ».

00.30 – Kiev: Wagner Group website hacked, mercenaries’ data taken
“The cyber army of Ukraine obtained all the personal data of the mercenaries of the (Russian) Private Military Company Wagner by hacking their website.” This was stated on Telegram by the Minister of Digital Transformation of Kiev, Mikhail Fedorov. “We have all the mercenaries’ personal data! Every executioner, murderer and rapist will face severe punishment. Revenge is inevitable, ”added the minister.

00.01 – Izyum: torture chamber found in the police station
A prison and a torture chamber were discovered in the Izyum police station, which was a base of the Russian army during the occupation of the city. The head of the investigative department of the Kharkiv Oblast police, Serhii Bolvinov, wrote on Facebook, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda. Investigators found a register with a list of detainees and instruments of torture, including electric cables. According to Bolvinov, the prisoners were locked up in dark cells in the basement for several weeks or months, not even understanding what exactly the occupants wanted from them. Each cell is now being examined to take fingerprints and DNA samples for a possible process.

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Russia-Ukraine war, Wagner group website hacked. Kiev: “We have the data of the mercenaries, inevitable revenge”. Another torture chamber found in Izyum

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