Russian revenge after the withdrawal: “Kherson bombed”. And in Kiev, one in seven houses is in the dark

The scared «trap effect» of the withdraw of the Russian troops from Cherson, the city occupied by Moscow forces last March and abandoned this month, may have begun to take shape. The Russian army would have launched today a powerful attack on Tavriyskyi, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods, in the north of the city. «The Russians are intensifying their shelling of residential districts of Kherson. After yesterday’s missiles, today they attacked 13 times, hitting Tavriyskyi,” the regional councilor said. Sergius Khlan. The number of victims caused by the attack is under investigation. The Russian pincer remains pressing even on Kiev, after the intense bombing of electricity and water infrastructure. Starting at 17 – the city administration announced – 70% of homes in the capital are without electricity electric. The heating and plumbing systems also work in fits and starts.

Nuclear alert

The specter of a wider catastrophe continues to hover over the whole country. “There is a real danger of a nuclear and radioactive disaster as a result of the bombing and there is a huge risk of damage to nuclear power plants,” he said today Petro Kotinpresident of the Ukrainian operator Energoatom. Yesterday the government of Kiev, on the recommendation of the nuclear energy agency, activated the emergency protection of the three nuclear power plants in the country. All facilities, Kotin assures, are equipped with security systems reliable. However, the challenges they are facing are unprecedented: for the first time in the 40-year history of the Ukrainian nuclear industry, in fact, all nuclear power plants have been shut down. According to the calculations of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the air raid launched by the Kremlin army yesterday saw the combined fall of 78 missiles. «The Ukrainian defense forces – reads the report of the Kiev army – have shot down 51 missiles And five drones». Among the cities most affected by the Russian missile attack is the Ukrainian capital, where – according to the mayor Vitaly Klitschko – 70% of the inhabitants are still without electricity. Yet, the Russian Defense Ministry denies having bombed Kievarguing instead that the explosions were “caused by the fall of Ukrainian missiles”.

The negotiation stays away

After the massive air raid conducted yesterday by Russian troops, the Kremlin stated that the possibility of placing end to war is in the hands of Kiev. «The Ukrainian leadership has every chance to bring the situation back to normal. He has every chance to fix the situation, for meet the requirements of Russia and, as a result, put an end to all possible suffering of the civilian population,” the Kremlin spokesman said, Dmitry Peskov. The Moscow government has denied that Russian troops have hit “social infrastructure” in their bombings, while Ukrainian authorities say they are at least seven civilians killed in yesterday’s raids, which left several areas of the country without electricity, water and heating. According to reports from the president’s office Volodymyr Zelenskythe restoration of electricity supplies is happening right now.

“Be ready for more attacks”

Waiting to restore, where possible, the electricity grid and drinking water supplies, several Ukrainian cities are focusing on «invincibility points», 3,700 shelters equipped with heating, water, internet and primary medical assistance. These facilities can house 40 to 500 people, helping them survive the blackouts now daily. To announce the activation of these shelters it is Zelensky’s office, which specifies that there are around 500 points open in Kiev alone. Meanwhile, the spokesperson forintelligence of the Ukrainian defense, Andriy Yusovsaid the Russian missile raids have now reached a almost weekly. Citizens, therefore, should prepare for other attacks. “They are trying to bend us, to plunge us into the darkness and cold of war and to force us to negotiate on the aggressor’s terms. That will not work» attacked Yusov.

“We know that the periodicity is about a week, the period needed to prepare for the next massive missile attack. Ukraine, in turn, is preparing for more effective functioning of air defense systems and rocketry,” Yusov added. According to theintelligence of Kiev are the big cities the favorite targets of the Russian army. “We realize that the stockpiles of weapons high-precision machines in Russia are largely out of stock. But there are many missiles that are not highly accurate,” Yusov points out. «In many cases a missile misses its target by a kilometer and does not hit only the energy infrastructurebut also civilian targets, residential skyscrapers, maternity homes, hospitals».

Cover photo: EPA / ROMAN PILIPEY | Evacuation of civilians from Kherson – 23 November 2022

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Russian revenge after the withdrawal: “Kherson bombed”. And in Kiev, one in seven houses is in the dark

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