Sanctions and defeats, Putin’s loneliness. And now Kadyrov also criticizes him: “Change strategy”

from Francesco Battistini

The Chechen leader angry at the retreat. Lavrov: We do not reject the negotiations. And Macron calls the tsar: “Away with weapons from the Zaporizhzhia plant”

Qwhen Mc Donald’s has left Russia, in June, the logo of the new self-sufficient fast food restaurants – two sticks and a circle, to stylize fries & hamburgers – had to make it clear that nothing was changing. But since sanctions hit hardand the potatoes don’t come anymore, chips are also becoming a luxury item
: like cured meats and cotton, surgical gloves and toilet paper
. What about sport? “We’ll have the Olympics at home,” a Kremlin spokesman said scornfully, when the IOC excluded Moscow. But now the discontent of the athletes is strong: “We have to think about something – the spokesman himself admits worried – our athletes are having big problems …”. Even the fireworks: on Saturday, Moscow lit up with barrels for City Day and Vladimir Putin inaugurated a Ferris wheel. But a political analyst friend of his, Sergey Markov, made it clear to him: “The authorities shouldn’t celebrate while the people are in mourning”. And the leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov, another loyalist, admitted that “the fires must be postponed to the day of victory over the Nazis: a day that is still far away”.

Special Bankruptcy Operation. There surprising retreat from Kharkiv it is not yet a Ukrainian victory – one fifth of the country remains in the hands of Putin – but Kiev is proving to be able to win even in the open field, not only with cunning maneuvers.
And it was not since the Second World War that such a rapid defeat of entire Russian units had been seen. “There have been mistakes – he acknowledges Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader – and if you don’t change strategy, I’ll go and explain it to the leaders in Moscow: it’s a hellish situation ». A hell that stirs even the tetragonal Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov: “We do not refuse negotiations – he says – but those who refuse must understand that the longer this process is delayed, the more difficult it will be to negotiate”. Even the French president Emmanuel Macron throws the hook, proposing in a phone call to Putin to “withdraw heavy weapons from the Zaporizhzhia plant”.

The Tsar is silent. Two hundred days of war left 5,718 dead, not to mention the 8,199 wounded and 7 million refugees, but nothing is known of military losses, especially Russian ones. At its twentieth conflict in thirty years, the Kremlin perhaps realizes that it has mistaken Ukraine for Syria or Chechnya: “It will pay a very high price for this failure. – foresees Bill Burns, director of the CIA “, not only has the weakness of the army been unmasked: there will be economic damage for generations”. “Putin miscalculated,” says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: if The EU will gradually give up Russian gas by 2027, according to a study by the Russian Ministry of Economy, the pipelines to China and India will not be enough to replace sales. And the revenues could be reduced by two thirds, in a country that is based only on gas and oil. “The sanctions work,” according to a research by the Austrian government: in the summer, wheat exports fell by 22%; there are fewer and fewer banks or insurance companies willing to operate with Moscow, also for reasons of image and reputation; shipowners (who make goods travel) are afraid to send ships to Russian ports; aeronautics, iron and steel, services begin to suffer from the impossibility of carrying out maintenance or updating… There are no political cracks, but economic ones. And who can, go: in Turkey and the Caribbean, yachts of the oligarchs for over a billion dollars have landed, while the middle class tries to save money in Moldovan or Cambodian banks that circumvent the embargo. It is isolation that gives the idea of ​​Putin’s loneliness: tomorrow even the Pope’s plane, flying to Kazakhstan, will avoid crossing Russian airspace. And to send, as the protocol requires, a greeting telegram to the Tsar.

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Sanctions and defeats, Putin’s loneliness. And now Kadyrov also criticizes him: “Change strategy”

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