Soumahoro case, a witness: “I was paid twice for two years of work, Aboubakar knew”

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The accusations: the minors were always hungry. The only one under investigation, for embezzlement of unpaid employees, is currently Marie Therese Mukamitsindo, mother-in-law of the Verdi-Si deputy

The only one investigatedfor embezzlement against unpaid employeescurrently Marie Therese Mukamitsindo, legal representative of the Karibu cooperative dedicated to welcoming refugees, many of whom are minors. But from documents, testimonies, cadastral surveys, the world of Abubakar Soumahoro: in addition to mother in law Maria Therese the partner was involved in the management of Karibu Liliane Murekatete, councilor until last September, and in the Aid Consortium, still attributable to Marie Therese, her children Michel and Aline acted. But perhaps it was not a world of solidarity and transparency.

Soumahoro, deputy of Verdi-Si, in tears, on social media he promised to strike next to the employees of those cooperatives if it turns out that they have been exploited. But there are those who accuse: Soumahoro knows it. He was there, carrying the groceries. It was his family. He was aware of what was going on in there.

Youssef Kadmiri42, an engineer born in Marrakesh and does not speak from hearsay. a witness and a victim of that exploitation. And he tells the
something much more serious than what emerged. He says he was paid twice in two years. Less than what was agreed: A total of 6 thousand euros. Without a contract, like his other colleagues, some of whom received wire transfers from Rwanda. I was a social worker, I translated for the kids who came from Libya, Albania, Bangladesh, Morocco. But then I also did maintenance. The guard at night. The time wasn’t right. Many times I asked for the contract, always apologies. And the salary of 1000-1200 euros did not arrive. They said “I’m sorry”. But I had to pay the rent. After 6 months I had 3,000 euros. Then nothing for a year and a half. Then only another 3,000. But above all Yuseff accuses: the minors who were in the structure were kept in a serious situation: they were given little to eat and were not given “poket money”, the per diem for personal expenses. They were always hungry. Now they are in other structures, they have electricity and water, if they are sick they are taken to the hospital, not like it was there. And everyone knew. Confirm at Courier Shick Mohammed, Egyptian, just turned 18: There was little to eat, they didn’t buy us clothes: I worked in the fields to be able to buy socks and shoes. I swear. I was sick.

The investigation, conducted by the Latina provincial unit of the Guardia di Finanza, will clarify every aspect of this matter on which the national labor inspectorate confirms that they are nearing conclusion open inspections based on the complaints of some workers.

But the indications that employees were being taken advantage of seem to be there. In a report from the prefecture of Latina, 4 workers of the Consorzio Aid company, also attributable to Marie Therese, are recognized as paying the salary they should have paid the cooperative: We will proceed to activate the replacement intervention pursuant to article 30 paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree 50/2016. A formal acknowledgment ofdefault. In fact, Marie Therese had been summoned. She had admitted but asked for an installment payment. Then, from the first installment, she continued to fail to pay. And in that case, the prefecture, the contracting body, did it. But there are others. There were those who hadn’t received their salary for 6 months, some even from 22. 26 came to us but we estimate that 150 did not receive a regular salary, explains Uiltucs trade unionist Gianfranco Cartisano. And he rejects suspicions of maneuvers: We have no color, we only ask that the prefect convene a table so that everyone gets paid.

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Soumahoro case, a witness: “I was paid twice for two years of work, Aboubakar knew”

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