Sweden and the Kurds, fear of Moscow “freezes” the unconditional acceptance of Stockholm

Born? Yes thanks. Intrusion of Ankara in Swedish politics? Absolutely no. Government estate in the hands of a single Kurdish parliamentarianof Iranian origin? Unacceptable. Swedish public opinion does not violate the social etiquette that bans politics from subjects convivialbut this time it comes very close, thanks to the approach of the elections from September that will be affected not a little by the latest, epoch-making events. To analyze the debate it is necessary to immerse oneself in the territory and make the necessary proportions. The Nordic country lacks the agora, the custom of confrontation-confrontation, the debate in the square that instead characterizes the Mediterranean, but for the first time the malpancismo collective shines through, and not only through the mouths of some politicians.

Those they have seen have been unprecedented weeks Sweden And Finland under the check of the Turkish president Erdoganand how much the Sultan of Ankara was able to concretely extract during the consultations with the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and his foreign minister Ann Linde, it is still not clear either to the media or to the citizens. And this is the first source of malaise for Swedes who, especially in academic and culturally more lively environments, express themselves. “We do not want absolutely that Erdogan dictates rules to Sweden – a teacher tells us of Uppsala, the city known for its university vitality – but we are all happy with the progress Sweden has made towards joining NATO. We will all be safer now ”. The inherent reference is to the continuous Russian raids that Putinin recent years, he has ordered in the skies and in Swedish waters, to flex his muscles Fly.

To underline the price not very transparent to pay to the Turkey in exchange, among other things, for the delivery of 73 Kurds that Erdogan stated terroristsare mainly i average, of the state and not, albeit with the sober tones of politically correct in a Nordic style. The premier’s reply is as follows: “We always work according to Swedish law and according to international conventions and we never deport Swedish citizens. If you are not engaged in terrorist activities, you don’t have to worry ”. Until now, in Sweden, there was always talk of hospitality unconditional. Point.

Frightened by the future of the country in NATO is there Leftwhose charismatic leader Nooshi Dadgostar – daughter of a couple who escaped fromIran – emphasizes the possible involvement of young Swedish soldiers called to fight unshared warswhile the general Micael Bydéncommander of the Swedish armed forces speaks “of important changes to be addressed with the entry into NATO” and to the microphones of the Dagens Nyheter assumes the need for send Swedish soldiers in the Baltic. Thus satisfied the ancestral appetites of the Swedes, known for their neutrality, much less for their passion for weapons, their army (among the most advanced in the world) and their bunkers still scattered in the basement of Stockholm.

And we are at Kurdish question. The debate is relegated to posts on social media signed byFederal Kurdish Association in Sweden with the support of some Swedish left activists, who accuse the government of having enslaved themselves to Erdogan. L’irritated indifference public opinion in this regard, however, has its roots on an unpublished page of Swedish politics: the role played by the Kurdish parliamentarian of Iranian origin Amineh Kakabaveh, in a perfectly split executive, with the same number of seats in the center-right and center-left. Kakabaveh, kicked out of the Left Party since 2019 and now without political affiliation, he had harshly criticized the premier for having succumbed to the requests for repatriation of Kurds made by Erdogan. Subsequently, finding himself in the position of power to actually open a crisis in the Social Democratic minority government, he made his vote weigh, and kept the Swedes on the grill, incredulous that the fate of the government was in the hands of a former refugee.

As a paradox, there was the on the plate distrust to the Minister of the Interior and of Justice Morgan Johanssonaccused by right not to do enough to fight the crime and gang shootings, which they believe are the result of a weak immigration policy. Kakabaveh “negotiated” his abstention, averting the crisis, but attracting the anger of the citizens, fully interpreted by the most famous political commentator, Mats Knutson, who in commenting on the fact on the state news, expressed all his indignation without shame. That of the Swedes will most likely end up in the intimacy of the ballot box, while fear swells for a black wave of populism, xenophobia and extremism. The latest case was Wednesday, with the murder of the 64-year-old psychiatrist Ing-Marie Wieselgrenwhich took place during the Almedalen weekthe most important political forum held every year a Visbyon the island of Gotlandwhich bears the signature of a young man belonging to the Nordic neo-Nazi movement.

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Sweden and the Kurds, fear of Moscow “freezes” the unconditional acceptance of Stockholm

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