Tablets and protected lines: how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons remotely (from Poland)

The military point 348 | Through tablets, secure communications and other channels, technicians can provide details on how to “maintain” the “pieces” supplied by the Alliance, in particular the cannons subjected to long wear

The news, often confused and shrouded in the fog of war, signals preparations of the occupants in multiple directions. Continuous pressure on Bakhmut (where the defenders would be in trouble), operations on southern front to try to protect the railway supply lines that feed Melitopolcreation of nnew trenches/positions tens of kilometers longdiversions to engage the Ukrainians, increased artillery rate of fire. Zelensky’s army also tries to advance in the Kremmina region to cut off supply routes.

There are always two scenarios: the first foresees an assault on Russia in the short term using the mobilized and chosen departments; The second one stretches to spring and it’s about a can Ukraine’s initiative reinforced by new equipment sent by donors. Some experts point out that not only the tanks – which still require some time before being operational – but even armored personnel carriers (such as the German Marders and the Americans Stryker and Bradley) improve the capabilities of the resistance. They guarantee greater protection to the infantry, increase the volume of fireflank heavy tanks in tactics where mobility matters.

Help remotely

Logistics is the hardest knot, We reported it in yesterday’s «notebook»..

An article by the AAssociated Press tell how NATO has set up a group of technicians at a base in southern Poland connected remotely with Ukrainian colleagues. Using tablets, secure communications, and other channels, mechanics can provide details about how to «keep» the «pieces» supplied by the Allianceespecially cannons subjected to long wear.

Long gauges — sources reveal toap — are used beyond all limits, with a rate not foreseen by the tables. The team started out as a small patrol and has now grown as the western arsenal has increased. It includes members of the armed forces and contracted individuals.

The connections are not easy, the signal can be weak, however the system represents an emergency solution in a critical phase. In this way Kiev is trying to reduce the number of vehicles to be sent abroad for repairs, a transfer that takes days and steals equipment. Questions also remain about the conditions of the tanks promised by European countries: the Portuguese Defense, after an initial check on its 37 Leopards, stated that there are just 10 operational, a low number which would prevent a transfer to Ukraine because national security would be compromised.


NATO has not yet decided whether to supply Zelensky with fightersThe topic is currently under discussion.

The negotiations, said presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak, “are accelerating” as they proceed on long-range missiles (300 km) on which Joe Biden holds back.

In the meantime, Ukraine is moving forward and modifying some of its runways to accommodate them. According to the site War Zones, Western aircraft require more sophisticated support structures than those reserved for MiG and Sukhoi supplied to the local air force that managed to remain “in flight” despite the relative supremacy of the invaders.

It has dispersed its planes and adopted countermeasures to evade them from Russian missile strikes, tactics that have only partially contained significant losses caused by opposing systems.

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Tablets and protected lines: how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons remotely (from Poland)

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