Tajani: «The reaction of France is disproportionate. Now Brussels make a code of conduct “

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Foreign Minister: private entities do not determine our policy

Minister Antonio Tajanithe government will be able to mend it tear with France?

«We on the issue of migrants we have posed a political problemwe did not want to create any controversy. There has been a disproportionate reaction from France, also for their internal political issues. We want stronger European action, because the seven thousand kilometers of the Italian coast are the southern border of Europe. Also Manfred Weberthe president of the EPP, has proved us right ».

Tomorrow you will bring a plan on welcoming migrants?

«It is Europe that must make a plan, not Italy. We need a shared choice on relocation. We will pose the issue of immigration with great serenity and determination, because the problem has been going on for years and we absolutely have to fix it. I will ask which agreement says that the Italian ones are the ports where all migrants must disembark. I am not aware that it exists ».

The government’s proposal?

“Need prevent landings and when the traffickers’ boats are taken, the engine is destroyed. We need a real European Marshall Plan for Africa and agreements with Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Niger and other Sahel countries. In 2050, there will be almost three billion Africans. The problem must be solved upstream by tackling climate change, disease, poverty, wars, terrorism ».

The case of the ship Ocean Viking with 234 migrants he triggered a diplomatic incident with our main ally, who would not have appreciated Salvini’s declaration, “the air has changed”, and his “firmness pays”. Is Italy now isolated in Europe?

“We are by no means isolated. Germany and Luxembourg will respect the pacts, like us. And Greece, Malta and Cyprus are also in solidarity with Italy, who have signed a joint declaration by the ministers of the interior because they have the same problem ».

Nevertheless France accuses you of not having shown solidarity
“How do you tell a nation that has welcomed 90,000 migrants since the beginning of the year that it is not human? The French government does not dump its internal problems on us. Italy has always done its part, we ask that Europe do it too. We are willing to accept, but we need a change of pace on the part of the other Member States. In the case of Turkey there has been a solution, now it can also be found for Italy ».

In Paris they claim that “the relationship of trust is broken”. Are you worried about relations with France?

«We do not want to make a controversy with France, we have not damaged them and we have always been correct. But we, with a serene confrontation, must defend Italy’s reasons. The principle that NGOs agree and take migrants on board cannot pass ”.

The NGOs they deny being a pull factor.

“The Italian government does not say so, but a report from the European agency Frontex in which it is written that NGOs meet with smugglers in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is not that they rescue castaways, they get them on board and unload them from us, for purposes that we cannot understand ».

It has political reasons the tug-of-war with NGOs?

“If anything, from them. On this issue there is no right, left or center, there are rules to be respected. We are asking for more Europe, we are asking the EU Commission to draw up a code of conduct for NGOs ”.

Will you go back to the Salvini decrees, the fines and the seizure of non-compliant ships?

“We do not want private subjects to determine the migration and asylum policy between the member states.”

He was wrong Paris to accuse Italy of having violated the European rules?

“We respected the rules and kept our commitments, while others didn’t. Let us pose a problem concerning relocation. Thirteen EU countries have pledged to relocate 8,000 of the 90,000 people who arrived in 2022 and do you know how many were relocated? 0.13%, that is 117 “.

Will there be French retaliation on the NRP?

“I don’t see what retaliation France could ever make.”

The premier on Tuesday thanked the Macron government after 8 hours of silence, in which the news that they would have docked the Ocean Viking “had not been denied”. What happened in those hours between Palazzo Chigi, Farnesina and Eliseo?

“The president on Monday Meloni and President Macron had had a meeting in Sharm, the evening after Palazzo Chigi expressed satisfaction with a note. End. I was on an official visit with President Mattarella and in those hours we also solved the case of Alessia Piperno. There is nothing we need to justify. “

How do you interpret Mattarella’s words on the need to maintain the cohesion of the country and the EU?

“The president said something sacrosanct. On immigration we need to find a European solution and intervene in Africa. Pope Francis said the same ».

Berlusconi would have welcomed them all, the Ocean Viking migrants ...
“Let’s talk about the reconstruction of a dinner. In any case, speaking of solidarity, that day we welcomed 600 ”.

Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson brings peace closer?

«I hope we can take some further steps forward also with the intervention of the United States, China and Turkey. I hope everyone pushes for a negotiation, but it must be a just peace. The Russian offensive must stop and the independence of Ukraine must be safeguarded ”.

Is Meloni’s mission to Kiev imminent?

“Let’s see, it depends on the military situation. He will decide the premier, with Zelensky, whether to go to Kiev and when ».

Can Di Maio become a special EU envoy to the Gulf?

“Di Maio called me and told me he was in the triad, but he is not the candidate of the Italian government. The decision rests with the EU high representative Josep Borrel ».

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Tajani: «The reaction of France is disproportionate. Now Brussels make a code of conduct ”

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