The 12 Russian generals killed: never so many fallen since Stalingrad

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The first was a loyalist of the Chechen dictator Kadyrov, the last a cyber war expert. The confrontation with the senior American officers who died in Vietnam: 9 in twenty years of war

The first fell in the ambush to a column of tanks towards Kiev: Magomed Tushayev he was a loyalist of the dictator Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya, where he had a reputation as a persecutor of homosexuals. The last was killed on 2 May near Izyum, in a school that became the Second Army’s advanced command in Donbass: Andrei Simonov55 years old, cyber war expert, lost his life when Ukrainian missiles hit a convoy of 30 armored vehicles; the main objective of the blitz was the front line mission of Valery Gerasimov, the highest Russian commander; the big jaw that appears next to Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin had just left school. Between the first and the last, a dozen other Russian generals died in the special operation. almost over, 49th Army commander Yakov Rezantsev assured his troops in late February. For him it all ended a month later when the two-star general blew up in a Ukrainian artillery raid near Kherson airport.

Second World War

To find a death of senior officers like this, you have to go back 80 years: during the Second World War, about 235 Soviet generals died in combat according to the data collected by the historian Aleksander Maslov. But even in the worst period, from June 1941 to November 1942 when the Red Army encircled the Wehrmacht in Stalingrad, the average losses among the high ranks sent by Moscow was six per month. More or less today’s figures.

The comparison with Afghanistan

The Americans in twenty years of conflict in Vietnam lost nine generals, most of them aboard helicopters shot down by the enemy. And even in the occupation of Afghanistan, which began in 1979, the USSR counted no more than six dead generals in the first six months. In Ukraine, the Russians can rely on the modern encrypted communications of Azart radios, but the problem is that they don’t have enough sets. And for years the CIA has been training Ukrainian paramilitaries on the Donbass front (including snipers) to intercept the enemy. Major general Andrei Sukhovetsky, 48, a highly decorated paratrooper, was killed by a sniper bullet in Hostomel, outside Kiev, four days after the fighting began. His death was certified at a funeral in the port city of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. The deputy mayor said that Sukhovetsky died as a hero. Other confirmations are indirect: the disappearance of Vitaly Gerasimov, commander of the 41st Army, was announced by the Kiev intelligence in early March. A few days after a conversation between agents of the Russian security services, intercepted and made public, proved the death of their superior, already a veteran of many campaigns from Chechnya to Syria, passing through the annexation of Crimea in 2014.


The general Oleg Mytyaev
, 46, also a Syrian veteran, was killed in Mariupol after Ukrainian forces intercepted a communication that located him. Russians in the field often find themselves using cell phones, making it easier to identify large targets. Officially, the Moscow authorities have never mentioned these losses, which testify to the difficulties encountered on the ground by Putin’s army. But perhaps the Kremlin shouldn’t be too sorry if this news leaks to the population. As if to say: you see, not only conscripts die; the generals are also on the front line and sacrifice their lives with their soldiers.

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The 12 Russian generals killed: never so many fallen since Stalingrad

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