The book, the charges and the damage to the crown: Will Harry have the courage to go to Charles’s coronation?

Of Enrica Roddolo

“Harry repudiates pre-Meghan life,” says al Courier Jonny Dymond Royal Editor BBC. “Coronation? Strange
if the king’s son does not go, but will he have the courage?”

“I want a reconciliation, but first there has to be”some accountability” (someone has to take some responsibility, ed.). The truth, it seems, now is that there’s only one side of the story, right? But there is a double face to every story», says Prince Harry in the interview with the English ITV for the launch of his book «Spare». And that’s not the only opening to negotiation. Between poisons and revenge, Harry seems to sow here and there openings for a reconciliation.

But is there room now to mend the wound, soothe the pain and anger on Harry’s side but also on the side of his father the king, and of the Windsors? “In short order I would be greatly surprised if there is a reconciliation between them, there is so much bloodshed around and then Harry has now carved out his new life in California. I see in this book the repudiation of the life that Harry had prior to meeting Meghan », he explains to Courier Jonny Dymond, BBC News Royal Correspondent. And as for the attempts of Charles III to mend, he says: «The queen first and today the king spoke of their love for Harry and Meghan and I think there is no doubt that Charles hopes for an easing of tension that leads to a reconciliation, but at the moment the conditions are not good at all».

Yep, Harry’s words to the family are very poisonous arrows which seem to strike in all directions, against William (accused of jealousy towards Harry even for the beard as for the idea of ​​the Invictus Games for soldiers mutilated in war), against Kate (who would never have loved Meghan, so different from her) and obviously Carlo and even Camilla (Harry writes that he asked his father not to marry her). But the coronation on May 6 is approaching. And King Charles is determined to also invite his “rebel” son, Harry.

Why that invitation to the coronation, then? «Let’s say that on the one hand it would be
decidedly strange if the king’s son did not take part in the coronation of his father. But it is also true that the book is such an affront to the father as to the brother that I wonder: will Harry have the strength, the courage to show himself at the coronation? I don’t know”.

By the way, what coronation will it be? A coronation, codenamed Operation Golden Orb, somewhat low-cost as promised? “Low-cost? Instead, it will be glorious, solemn, rather than low-key. Yes, it will cost less but the Royal Household and the government know that if the monarchy is not glorious, exciting in some way, it loses all its charm», replies Dymond convinced that when speaking of the British Crown it should be remembered that «it is not a football match but a millennial monarchy». In short, it will be time, in the long run, to heal everything.

So will the millennial Windsor monarchy be damaged or will it survive this earthquake? “Both things. There is no doubt that all this is bad for the monarchy: the press with pages and pages of gossip and accusations and personal details, exactly everything the Palace detests is at the center of the debate. But the monarchy is very resistant, it has very deep roots”.

You told the BBC that there is an “unanswered claim”, an unresolved issue in all of this, an accusation that deserves a response in that reference Harry makes to the palace staff who allegedly made up stories against him and Meghan. “Harry said there was no telling the whole truth as long as he was inside the Palace car. Worse, behind their backs, he claims Palazzo staff — the people you hire to speak for them — were working to harm them. If these were accusations leveled against a ministry, a party, one would expect an answer. The lack of any response or denial would be taken by many as an admission.”

But Carlo for now remains faithful to what even Harry in the book calls the “Motto of the Royal family: Never complain, never explain. “There is a word that sums up King Charles’ debut well: Continuity, continuity, which is the true strength of a constitutional monarchy – concludes Dymond -. I for one was surprised by how minimal, almost imperceptible, the changes of the new reign were compared to that of Elizabeth. When I thought about the relay, I had always believed there would be an earthquake, but there machinery of state, there machinery of monarchy (the architecture of the institution, of the monarchy) has been faithful to tradition and… Carlo has benefited personally from it up to now».

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The book, the charges and the damage to the crown: Will Harry have the courage to go to Charles’s coronation?

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