The dribbling between conscience and passion: the World Cup to be enjoyed even without Italy

One is gone, 6 remain. The first week without the championship went by quite quickly, also thanks to Mancini’s Italy: 2 games, especially the last one, which made us understand how little there is to complain about not being in Qatar. Between now and January 4, the wait is still long, it remains a mistake not to have agreed to bring forward the dates of the winter transfer market (it could not have been a decision of Italian football alone), in order to deliver reinforcements to the coaches from the first game and with a good break-in in the new group, but so be it. The market is in constant motion and these weeks will also serve to weave plots that could be defined upon reopening.

The first week is gone, now the World Cup and then there’s Christmas. Come on, it goes by quickly, maybe. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this World Cup without Italy, hoping not to get used to it. On TV it started strong, 4 years ago it went very strong. More viewers at 5pm on Sunday to watch Qatar-Ecuador than at 9pm for Italy’s friendly in Austria. Maybe obvious, it’s the World Cup. But it wasn’t that obvious. It was summer there, schools closed, here it’s autumn, full life and not even that serene, come to think of it. Times don’t help here: England left during the lunch break, Argentina tomorrow mid-morning, thank goodness that world champion France makes their debut – at least they – at an almost traditional time (at 8 pm, the time on the news). Blame the time zone and the heat, even if there are those who swear that in certain stadiums it’s even cold, because the air conditioning is too high and therefore the temperature too low.

England started with a bang, which however must be relative to the opponent: the real wait, rewarded, was to see if the Iranians really hadn’t sung the national anthem, in disagreement with the Teheran regime. Everything was known about the “One Love” rainbow armbands since the morning, due to the surrender release from the federations who wanted to make their captains wear them (England, Wales, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands), at the risk of being booked for a violation of the regulation. All against Fifa, which has many faults, but it is fair to remember that even in Serie A those armbands could not be worn without paying consequences.

The World Cup of fake fans and hypocrisy in a country that denies some of the most basic civil rights and pretends that there weren’t 6,500 dead among the slaves who built the 8 cathedrals in the desert called stadium, forces the continuous dribbling between passion and conscience, exercise not easy to practice, also because too little help from those (Raisport above all) is mainstream on the event. And the risk is that with each passing day we talk more about football, as is right, and less about rights, as it should be equally right.

Argentina and France, then. But also Eriksen with Denmark and Lewandowski’s Poland. There is enough to rub your eyes, waiting for Brazil and CR7. The eternal Messi at the last dance and with a swollen ankle, but much of our expectation goes to Lautaro, Di Maria and Dybala and their 3 different ways to get to the World Cup. For many, Argentina are the real favourites, ahead of Brazil and ahead of defending champions France. but beset by bad luck. Deschamps was forced to immediately bet strongly on the 36-year-old Giroud, like Pioli. DéDé however has Mbappé with whom to try to get in front of everyone again, while Pioli has only Leao, the best imitation of the French striker, but for the moment only an imitation. We will see in 4 weeks.

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The dribbling between conscience and passion: the World Cup to be enjoyed even without Italy

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