The horrid rape of the illegal immigrant, the silence of the media and Truss: so, today …

– to the question “do we need legislative changes onabortion? “, Angelo Bagnasco replies:”I expect serious and honest cultural reflection, not slogans or preconceived positions. These do not help to think and identify the truth of the person, which is the basis of human dignity and of the great values ​​that build a society in solidarity with all, starting with those who are weaker and cannot defend themselves.“. Translated: a club has not been understood. But is it possible that even priests and bishops no longer have the courage to say, right or wrong, what the Magisterium clearly explains? abortion is not allowed. End. Point. And so yes, in theory Catholics should want the law changed. I’m not saying whether it’s right or not, I’m just thinking about the position of Catholics. It is as if Xi Jinping were asked: do you think Communism is absolute evil? And he replied: “I expect a serious and honest cultural reflection”. Would that seem normal to you?

– Consultation day, more or less useless. In the sense that it is a ritual, and it is okay to celebrate it, but today no one could expect surprises. Also why, when Renzi it is not the match, usually everything runs smoothly according to script

– We know for sure that everything will depend on what happens tomorrow, when the leaders of the center right they will go en masse to Mattarella to ask that Meloni be given the mandate to form the executive. It’s hard to imagine surprises, but who knows. Given what has happened in recent days, between quarrels and spite, I would say that you can never be sure of anything

– What the sane ones expected happened: that is Germany he would have sent the much desired (from Italy) price cap on the price of gas to the devil. Scholz explained the reason clearly on the sidelines of the European Council: “Prices must go down no doubt“, But”a cap on the price of gas, imposed by law, always carries the risk that gas producers will go to sell elsewhere and that we Europeans do not receive more gas, but less“So unless EU agreements with Asian states, such as Korea and Japan, but perhaps we could also add China and India, it will hardly be done.

Scholz it also sends a message to the US, Canada and Norway. He says: “They have no interest in Europe becoming priceless“. Translated: NATO countries cannot ask the EU for sanctions on Russia and then turn a deaf ear, or enrich their shoulders. Right. But I add: was it not perhaps the case to think about this mutual solidarity?

– Meanwhile a Kiev they let it be known that citizens will have to live with blackouts of 4 or even 8 hours a day due to the difficulties with the electricity grid caused by Putin’s attacks. Winter will be difficult for us, of course. But theirs approaches hell

– Zapata, Atalanta footballer, blocked by the security of a bank. “Where do you plan to go? This is not a place for her“. Crazy stuff

– As far as the actor is concerned, it seems to me that the best lesson on gas today is given the premier of Norway J.Store. First: “It is not the Norwegian government that sells the gas, but the Norwegian and European companies that have been granted licenses“. Translated: Unless we apply a dirigiste statist system, this is the market and there is little to be done. According to: “It is not Norway that sets the prices, nor the companies, nor the governments. Prices are the result of the gas shortage“. Third: “We have increased exports to the EU by 8-10%“. Reread Scholz’s statements and you will understand why asking for the price cap today is risky: what if Norway decides not to sell it to us anymore?

– I am horrified by the silence, horrible, of much of the media on the policewoman rape took place in Naples last night not far from the police station where he works. It disgusts me to think that we have created the first pages of online sites for the “alleged harassment” of the Alpini and no one has really been scandalized by this violence by an illegal immigrant. The Italian consultations or the resignation of Liz Truss do not justify this glossing over such a fact. It takes some balance

– Liz Truss stepped down after just six weeks at the helm of the British government. A sensational turning point, which could even bring Boris Johnson back to Downing Street. One thing is certain: by now it is not only Italy that has a crazy policy. We are in good company

– Read the first three lines of the piece by Concita De Gregorio and then go find the glue to reattach your arms (or whatever else you have dropped)

– The Green-Left Alliance has defined abortion as a “human right”. It seems to me a little exaggerated

– I think the Pd tried to make himself beautiful by showing up with a host of women alongside Enrico Letta as he entered the Quirinale. But let me tell you: although they are not, the image that emerges is that of handmaids at the side of the great leader. And she certainly does not wash away the shame of a party that claims to be feminist and then does not put women in the right boxes to be elected.

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The horrid rape of the illegal immigrant, the silence of the media and Truss: so, today …

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