The Kiev counter-offensive goes as far as the Russian border

AGI – The Russian Defense Ministry also admits it, in the map on the situation in the field: the forces of Kiev have recaptured in a few days almost the entire area of ​​the Kharkiv region that had come under the control of Moscow. The map shows that only a strip of territory east of the Oskil River is still in the hands of the Russians. The Ukrainian battalions active on the front line, however, claim to have gone, in some sectors, to the eastern border with Russia.

Oblast authorities said they had more than forty settlements freed, for a total of 3,000 square kilometersthe. Russian defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov reported a counterattack with precision missiles near Kharkiv which allegedly hit a base of pro-Ukrainian foreign fighters, killing hundreds. However, it is likely that these are operations necessary to cover a retreat that saw the soldiers of Moscow abandon crucial cities such as Kupiansk, Balakleya and Izyum, which have lost the main lines of connection with the Donbass.

A hasty tactical fallback

The official version of the Kremlin speaks of a tactical “redeployment” necessary to reinforce the contingent deployed in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, largely controlled by the separatist republics that take their name. The reality is perhaps more like a hasty tactical fallback that sees the Russians forced to go on the defensive, pursued by the speed of the Ukrainian ‘blitz’, far from being limited to the Kharkiv region.

News of fierce fighting on the outskirts of the city continues to come from both sides from Donetskwhich would have been abandoned by the leader of the self-proclaimed republic, Denis Pushilin. In a video released yesterday showing him in a car, heading for an unknown location, Pushilin spoke of a “very difficult” situation in the city of Lyman, southeast of Kharkiv, where the Russians, the Ukrainians admitted, are opposing a strenuous resistance. Slovyansk, one of the main cities of Donetsk still controlled by the Ukrainians, is reportedly under heavy Russian bombing.

Lugansk, the other Donbass Oblast, it is no longer under the total control of Moscow, which had completed its conquest in early July with the fall of Lysychansk. The localities of Kreminna and Svatov have already returned to the troops of Kiev, who are now targeting Rubizhne and would have already approached the district of Lysychansk, said the Ukrainian regional governor, Sergiy Gaidai.

“Russian pontoon bridge in Kherson destroyed”

Are available less news on the situation in Kherson, which was announced by the Ukrainian authorities as the main target of the counter-offensive. The southern operational command of the Kiev army has announced the destruction of the pontoon bridge that the Russians had set up near Nova Kakhovka, on the Dnieper, to ensure connections between the two banks of the river after damage to the bridges in recent weeks by the defenders. Yesterday, Russian news agencies reported “six strong explosions” in Nova Kakhovka, located in Kherson Oblast, acquired by the Russians in the early stages of the offensive.

According to some pro-Russian Telegram channels, the Ukrainians are accumulating reinforcements in Mykolaiv to attempt a breakthrough in Kherson. So far, Kiev’s operations in the region have focused on destroying links between the two southern banks of the Dnieper in order to cut off Russian supply lines and isolate the remaining Moscow contingent on the western bank. The calling of referendums for the annexation of the occupied territories, reports ‘Meduza’, would have been suspended.

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The Kiev counter-offensive goes as far as the Russian border

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