The Makarov frigate hit less than a month after the cruiser Moskva. Moscow denies

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Kiev: a missile, then the fire. Satellite images show an explosion off the coast of Odessa. The Kremlin denies. After the sinking of the Moskva, it is the best of the three large combat ships left to the Russians, one of the jewels of the Tsar’s Navy

Latitude: 44.98775. Longitude 30.66752. Twenty-six miles from the island of the Serpents. She would have been hit at this point in the Black Sea the flagship Makarov
. To say it, first of all, a local website, Dumskaya. But the news was picked up by all the international newspapers, Bbc including.

Makarov would have been hit by a Neptuneconfirms on Telegram the Ukrainian deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko, e the explosion would have caused a fire on board: an emergency situation with the dispatch – according to some sources – of planes and rescue boats. The Kremlin, through its spokesman Dmitry Peskov, immediately denied. However, satellite images from the Sentinel app show an explosion off the coast of Odessa. Same area where on April 14 it was sunk the cruiser Moskvasame part of the Black Sea where at the beginning of the war the Moskva forced to surrender the 13 sailors who became symbols of this war with their vaffa the Russians. And the same plane where, three days ago, Ukrainian TB-2 drones hit two Russian Raptor-class patrol boats with laser-guided missiles.


Sure, the Makarov is much smaller than the Moskva. But younger: she is only five years old and one of the most powerful Russian warships in the Black Sea. The best remained, according to experts. If it is still alive, equipped with a Kalibr cruise missile system to strike other ships or submarines, or on the coast within a range of 2,600 km. Commissioned in 2017, an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate and typically has a crew of 180/200 people on board. One of the jewels of the Tsar’s navy, therefore. Not surprisingly, in July 2018, Makarov performed in front of St. Petersburg in the most important Russian naval parade. And not surprisingly, after being used in its first mission off Syria, once the offensive in Ukraine began, it was used against the Queen of the Black Sea, Odessa in April.

Another revenge? The history of Makarov closely linked to that of Moskva. was theAmerican intelligence – according to local media – to provide the Ukrainians with the exact location of the unit. But not only that: in these hours a US Air Force Global Hawk reconnaissance drone was registered in the area which, again, could have provided the Ukrainians with essential information to hit the Makarov, as happened with the Moskva. Be that as it may, it is clear that Russia has a problem in the Black Sea. After Moscow invaded and annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, including the port of Sevastopol, Kiev banned some exports to Russia, including engines. marine. Furthermore, Moscow has lost access to the most important shipyard in the Black Sea, Mykolaiv, the same where the Moskva was built.

It remains for a doubt. After the sinking of the Moskva, why send another important ship within range of the Kiev missiles? All ships, including an Admiral-class frigate Grigorovich (but it is not specified which) were moored in Sevastopol until Thursday. Also, when warships set sail from Crimea, they tend to stay about 100 miles off the Ukrainian coast, avoiding the range of Neptune missiles. What happened then? And second question: also the sunken Makarov?

Three big ships

If the raid were confirmed, it would certainly not be the first hit. In addition to the Moskva, the destruction of the landing ship Saratov, sank in March in the port of Berdiansk by Ukrainian drones which also damaged the sisters Caesar Kunikov and Novocherkassk, should also be remembered. According to military analysts, Russia therefore has only three large combat ships left. And the best considered Makarov. Meanwhile, in Mykolaiv, at the port, in front of the statue of Admiral Stepan Osipovic Makarov, born in Kiev in 1849 and died in 1904, sunk with his crew, yesterday someone laid a flower

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The Makarov frigate hit less than a month after the cruiser Moskva. Moscow denies

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